Tripwire - signature mapping tool

(Hopelis) #21

I never leave home without Tripwire, very very awesome tool to keep with you in your capsule.

(RolandofGilead Hakaari) #22

Are there any current workarounds/fixes for when Tripwire refuses to track one of the characters listed as tracking?

So far I have;

1.) Logged out of the website, then logged back in.
2.) Removed the Character, then added him back.

We use a Corp Mask, and other people are tracking fine. This is an intermittant issue. For example, last night everything was perfect, now 8 hours later, my guy wont track at all. I am 2-3 WH down our chain, i have him selected as tracking (green dot), but he shows still sitting in our home hole, in a different ship.

Additionally, is there any fix for Tripwire showing characters as logged in/in Home hole but when they’ve really been logged out for a few hours? Any input appreciated.

posted to issues/bitbucket page

(Daimian Mercer) #23

Tripwire version 0.8.8 released

  • Fix for EVE Scout members only - pasting signatures now updates signatures correctly again

(Vinnie Vynneve) #24

I’m sure you know about this, and I expect this to be a rare condition, but when two signatures with the same letters but different numbers appear in the same system it can be worth it so record both. Tripwire now overwrites one when you enter the other. As per this screenshot.

(Kelshall) #25

For the last week or so I’ve been getting “ESI Connection Failed” messages. This is on multiple PCs and internet connections.

Is this something wrong with Tripwire or is it something at my end?

(Krzemien) #26

ESI endpoints for locations are disabled after outrage some day ago. They will remain disabled until monday. Its not Tripwire nor your fault.

(Kelshall) #27

Its not Tripwire nor your fault.

CCP’s fault then! #pitchforks

(Bibil) #28

Im getting same message also “ESI Connection Failed”

(Selena Na'sharr) #29

Is there any place I can find documentation on how to install the open source on my own instance? There seem to be some gaps in the documentation preventing me from successfully installing it.

(Kaivaja) #30

I have recently had odd problem with Tripwire. I’m using the latest version of Google Chrome. Lately TW has stopped accepting input after 1-2 signature edits or pastes. I have to refresh the webpage using browser refresh command (ctrl-r) to make TW accept input again. After the page refresh TW accepts 1-2 edits and then I need another refresh. It’s annoying.

I asked friends, and it seemed that they didn’t suffer from this. Any idea what could cause this? Any idea how to fix this?

Edit: I don’t know why but now after a few weeks of problems TW is working normally again. I didn’t change anything in my end that I know of.

(Daimian Mercer) #31

In 12 hours Tripwire will be going down for a brand new MySQL server. The downtime should only last about 5-10 minutes while I transfer the database.

For those not following my twitter feed (, I have been doing a much needed server cluster refresh - most of the Tripwire servers are 2-3 years old now with little more than updates and some reboots. I can share more info about the new cluster if some ppl ask.

As for Tripwire itself - I have not left the project behind or anything, and I will be sharing some of the work I have been doing soon.

(Daimian Mercer) #32

Tripwire outage because of a failed drive, specifically the drive used for the database. I am in the process of rebuilding from backup, this is going to take some time. FYI backup is from 02/17/2018

(Daimian Mercer) #33

Tripwire is back up

(Daimian Mercer) #34

Time for an update on Tripwire now and in the coming future…

Server cluster updates, maintenance, and changes have almost been completed. The cluster has gone from 7 servers down to 5 but have almost all doubled in size for a total of 6 cores and 8GB of RAM. I am replacing the 3+ year old servers with brand new images with all the latest including MySQL 5.7 (Percona), NGINX 1.12, and PHP 7.2.

Also new, more aggressive, firewall settings and other security improvements (I’m not listing details for sake of keeping security intel low).

The 3 web node servers still need new images but those can be done without any downtime so that will happen over the next few weeks.

Tripwire itself has been getting lots of attention in what will be a massive May update. For those who are curious about code changes here is the latest commit

So what is coming in May?

  • Redesigned core, supporting full signature IDs (abc-123), Fixed undo/redo of wormhole signatures, and other improvements (more details to come)
  • Retired old register and login method in favor of just simply using the EVE SSO
  • Built-in tutorial to finally give insight into how to use all of Tripwire
  • Multi-character Tripwire accounts
  • An API layer for integrating other apps with Tripwire
  • Improved UI controls with faster methods to change on the fly to your needs
  • Improved mask controls (more details to come)
  • Tripwire updates feed on the landing page
  • Docker support for easily hosting your own copy of Tripwire
  • New and improved guide on how to setup your own copy of Tripwire beyond using Docker
  • Refactored EVE XML API calls to ESI API - prep for CCP ending old APIs in May
  • Hundreds of HTML fixes and cleanup work
  • Code broken down into easier to follow structure for easier modifications
  • New development tools like Gulp to make it easier for developers

Possibly more but I don’t want to over promise so stay tuned for more details and features to be added to this list.

(Xeraos) #35

<3 Daimain

(Yodik) #36

why i still cant add scan results to systems, where already added scan results from eve-scout? thera and near her systems.

(Daimian Mercer) #37

Click the pencil icon for your chain map tab to disable EVE Scout signatures from showing if you don’t want to use their data.

(Selena Na'sharr) #38


I noticed that some time ago whenever I copy/paste any plain text into a comment the font size is automatically dropped to 8 (rather than inheriting the font size of the destination text). I remember this not being a problem half a year ago.

Is this a bug? If not, can you point out to me how I can adjust this so that I don’t have to manually adjust font size every time I want to put intel in the comments.

Thanks! Keep up the great work!

(Daimian Mercer) #39

I use a plugin called CKEditor for that part, I will check into this and if I can fix I can include it with the big May update that is almost finished.

(Selena Na'sharr) #40

Thank you. If you need help replicating the issue, please let me know.