Scanner Assistant Utility

The Program stores information between game sessions about signatures that you have scanned and shows it in a convenient form: it tells you which signatures are new for you, which you already know of and which ones have disappeared.

  • small, fast, offline, uses clipboard to retrieve scan data;
  • requires .NET Framework v4.0 or higher;
  • does not contain undesirable and harmful functionality;

Download link (MD5: c5a66c3c2663e08bd4e67876a3ac21d6)


Hey! This program seems very useful and i’m going to test it in my exploration flights.
I think next features would be very useful:

  1. Web-based version
  2. Api integration with system detection (to automatically detect in which system you are now and provide stored information about signatures)
  3. More native ability to compare which signatures was there last time you visited system and which signatures disappeared/appeared etc.

Anyway - you doing a great job to bring more QOL to explorers, thanks for that!
Can i track the development progress somehere (like github etc) to not miss future updates?

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Interesting. I will give it a try on my next scanning trip.

i cant seem to figure out how this works? i dont see (or havent found it) a way to export your signature data to clipboard from within eve so that this works?

Use shift to select all the signs, control-c to copy, control v to paste. Works with tripwire, should work in this case.

@Elethana Aurel
Program itself analyzes contents of clipboard after startup and when you press Analyse button, so you do not need to “paste”.

In Probe Scanner window select option “Clear all Ignored results” (if you ignored something before), then press Ctrl+A to select all signatures, then Ctrl+C to copy. If you want to operate with only part of signatures, uncheck “Remove missing” checkbox before press Update button.

@Malkador Sigillait
Thank you for such a rich feedback. Program was written at the moment of rush to simplify my life in WH. There are no plans to develop it especially and turn it into something bigger, just fix the shortcomings and maybe make some small improvements. Thank you!

I just tried this utility. I cannot for the life of me get it to work. I have signatures loaded to the clipboard, but the tool keeps saying that the clipboard does not contain any. Everything just stays blank. Any help here? Thanks!


  • Column sorting
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

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