EVE Scan Helper App


This tiny offline tool is designed to store scan signatures for all visited systems with the ability to let you know if there are new signatures present in a system. Even with the EVE ability to remember scanned sigs between system jumps this tool still can save you a lot of time. You will have all the sigs at hand even after a downtime.

WARNING: This tool is compliant with EULA and does not provide any automation to the scan/sig process thus requires manual user input.

Feel free to leave suggestions on the Issues page and visit our Discord channel #scanhelper for a live support chat.


  • Store known signatures with just several simple actions
  • Receive notification if there are new signatures in a system
  • Search sigs and copy them to a clipboard



How to use

  • Open Probe Scanner window (Alt + P)
  • Press Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C to copy all the sigs into the clipboard
  • Open Scan Helper app
  • Select the system you have sigs for using a combobox or typing its name inside its input box
  • Press Upload button to read data from your clipboard
  • Watch the results


If you like this app, please support us with ISK donation to Duke Veldspar.
Thank you!


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  • Some minor fixes

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