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This tiny offline tool is designed to store scan signatures for all visited systems with the ability to let you know if there are new signatures present in a system. Even with the EVE ability to remember scanned sigs between system jumps this tool still can save you a lot of time. You will have all the sigs at hand even after a downtime.

WARNING: This tool is compliant with EULA and does not provide any automation to the scan/sig process thus requires manual user input.

Feel free to leave suggestions on the Issues page and visit our Discord channel #scanhelper for a live support chat.


  • Store known signatures with just several simple actions
  • Receive notification if there are new signatures in a system
  • Search sigs and copy them to a clipboard



How to use

  • Open Probe Scanner window (Alt + P)
  • Press Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C to copy all the sigs into the clipboard
  • Open Scan Helper app
  • Select the system you have sigs for using a combobox or typing its name inside its input box
  • Press Upload button to read data from your clipboard
  • Watch the results


If you like this app, please support us with ISK donation to Duke Veldspar.
Thank you!


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  • Some minor fixes

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