- New local/dscan tool

Time to release the beta of

It’s a dscan & local analyzer with some extra features:

  • local scan with ZKB stats (kills/loss/solokills)
  • local scan with most recent used ships*
  • local scan filters: click on alliance row to filter
  • local scan details: alliance dropdown to show the corps/players details
  • dscan with filters (no junk, no drones, etc…)
  • paste anywhere in the page to get a new scan

Currently the player database is only 223.000 players but the more is used the more will be populated and so will be faster.

Scans are saved for a month, players/corp are updated daily

  • most recent ships: interdictors, forcerecon, hic, monitor, T3C, PirateBS, BOPS, marauders, Leshak, all capitals.

Any comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome



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