D-SCAN: Highsec Carebears has the bad habit of not using or spamming the D-SCAN and Actively Checking Local

Highsec carebears should be mindful of their surroundings.


I will help them all.


Does it really matter?

I don’t get anything but :salt: outta this, but in before the lock! :wink:

This guy? 16 red blinkers appeared in local and he didn’t notice it? Except if his afk or just…

Been there. Done that. Hopefully being a bit better about it now. You’re right though, it’s what happens when you’re not paying attention to what’s going on around you.

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Given how many gankers hang around in some systems local is a poor intel tool in highsec, you would end up never undocking if you docked up whenever gankers came in system in most mission hub areas.
D-scan is a little better but what’s he going to do if there was a point on him by the time a short range D-scan picks them up.

End of the day, he was flying a non bling ship in what looks like a mission from NPC on KM, sensible fit, and the gankers just decided they wanted him dead. Given missions aren’t in your home system, generally once they make that choice, they can pretty well make you dead if they are prepared to take minimal/no profits.

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Perhaps it’s time to try diplomacy?

I am willing to be merciful to those who surrender promptly.

Never give up, Never surrender! - YouTube

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Your right mission runner ganks are hard to stop also . To many variables involved , large man power commitment seems only way I can think and run interference around target sys gates to put them of

Must be a way just need to find it.

There is a way, it’s just a lot of man hours for such low profit you make better isk on average just suffering a gank once in a while and not flying too bling while you mission.

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No point if CCP is just going to tweak the universe to thwart your solution, and they will.

Yes true but my aim is to kill gank fleets and these are the hardest to intercept.

Not interested in making money long as I have enough for anti-gank ships

Not true. Mining is dead boring. But someone has got to do it. I am sure the basic premise of the entire creation of the player occupation was to be gank fodder, or perhaps someone’s innocent idea was hijacked to make it so.

The novelty of mining wears off in a week for even the geekiest 10 year old. So does the novelty of juming gate after gate for 20 systems. And this is why people AP and AFK. People are into freighting and mining for the results, not the game play. The game play is dead boring for these things. AP and AFK are totally anticipated and obvious.

Sitting there clicking dscan over and over in hi sec is a way to just die a little inside. And before you say “Well don’t mine then!” try and remember that if nobody did all there would be to fly would be corvettes.

This is not just about miners.

Okay. Who else did you want to mention? I see mission runners already were. Who is left? Totally new players who have not even gotten to what d-scan is yet?

Are you even checking Code’s zkill?

Just let them kiss your light neutron blaster II if they don’t want to adapt.

Didn’t bother. Since you did, who did I miss? Second time to ask.