High Sec Gankers - Luxurious Targets Await

To the High Sec Gankers, there is a fleet of Caldari militia ships that always camps the Villore gate to Old Man Star. The ships are tanked to repel Gallente militia NPC’s. The value of the ships are numerous and range from T2 frigates to Sleipnir’s.

These aren’t small, random fleets either. the Calmil WT camp the Villore to OMS gate daily with three to five ships and up to 20 ships on Friday and the weekends.

With such a lush pasture full of grazing cattle, for the gankers to pass up the opportunity, is foolhardy.

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Why bother when there are multi-billion ISK marauders and other battleships running L4 missions all over high sec that make even juicier targets…

Dropping an MTU in an SOE L4 is basically telling gankers “Please, come graze on me”…

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That would be griefing.


Why do you need gankers?

Why don’t you join galmil and chase t…. Oh wait. You don’t actually want to do anything yourself. More a talker than a fighter.


Munch, I am part of Galmil. Why are you complaining about ganking gate campers when you do the same thing in Uedama, but against freighters and Orca’s, that are not able to fight back.

As soon as a gank target has teeth, you run away.

I have yet to see God Emperor Kane and any CODE. attack any ship that isn’t a hauler. So why aren’t you able to gank a Sleipner or any of the other 30 + high value ships that R I O T tethers to the structure close to the Villore gate?

20 CODE Navy Cats should be easily able to gank any R I O T ship camping the Villore gate. To scared to up your game?


No, it’s called ganking. Otherwise what CODE does in Uedama would be called griefing.

Because in Villore, you don’t have to spend the time hunting for those juicy targets that you mention. Those juicy targets are right there on the gate. And yes, there have been Marauders on the gate in Villore as well.

Not to mention, R I O T maintains a fleet of no less than six, high value ships on the gate in Villore at any time. Last night, there were 20 +, high value R I O T ships in Villore just warping back and forth to the OMS gate attacking GalMil ships.

Even as a ganker, who is part of Galmil and does nothing more than gank R I O T ships in Villore, you can earn a heap ton of LP for each R I O T kill that is based on how expensive the R I O T ship is fit.

LP, that then turns in ISK after selling the LP.

Do L4 High Sec mission runners have the bonus of added LP? NO, they do not.

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Imagine being in galmil, mining Snuff r64s, bluing Shadow Cartel and then posting this


Sounds like someone is just salty at being camped. If you hate it so much, buy a HAW dread, multibox a cap booster hauler, and go to town. Then post the kills all over BSB so that you feel special. Alternatively, if you are too poor, just join calmil and help them out. If you are too bored with permacamped ECM logi roaming gangs garbage come to Amarr militia. We don’t have that stuff out here and you sound like you’d make a very good target for the Minmatar.

CODE. disbanded years ago.

Dryson, don’t come crying for gankers to save you now. Clearly you couldn’t handle it and are now calling for their assistance:

Sad that after all this time of being so anti-gank that you are on your knees asking for their help.

Seriously, instead of jumping through from OMS, just go:

OMS → Ladistier → Vifrevaert → into highsec

And yes, I know you weren’t killed on the OMS gate, but the same principle applies. Get good.


It’s kinda funny tbh.

What a hypocritical pleb.

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Dryson, don’t come crying for gankers to save you now. Clearly you couldn’t handle it and are now calling for their assistance:

Why is it everytime I alert the gankers to juicy targets that can probably fight back and beat your gank, the ‘don’t come crying to us because you want something ganked’ excuse is thrown up?

Just one more proof positive that high sec gankers are obsolete.

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If they are obsolete, why are you crying for their help?

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OMW in my catalyst . Oh wait… it is gallente.

Talk more ,fight less ----> make love not war.

That would be some feet considering there is no CODE.

And also why would they use Natalysts? Wouldn’t regulat Catas suffice?

Creating a new word from two words doesn’t make you a fun person. Losing your ship my ship is what fun is defined as .

I have seen it called that (not unlike Nomen, NOsprey, and NApoc).

Huh? Also… no?

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Yes, come, let us loose our ships togethers.