LocalAnalyzer (GUI overlay, windows only) - testers wanted

Hi all,

I wrote a little tool to help analyzing the local and I thought I’d share it. It’s in the early stages so I’m happy for all sorts of feedback.

What does it do?
I tried to reproduce the local function of Pirates Little Helper if that rings a bell. So you just copy the local to the clipboard and it uses esi to resolve the corps and alliances, the sec status, character age… And then does a quick analysis of the last kills and stats and from there tries to categorize the chars as carebears, farmers, cap pilots…

Heres the downloads:

https://brgf.de/lat/LocalAnalyzer_x64_0.4.0.zip (64-bit)
https://brgf.de/lat/LocalAnalyzer_x86_0.4.0.zip (32-bit)

Here’s what it looks like:

If you log in with your eve account you can hide your own faction or blues and theres a couple of other options:

This tool is currently windows only. it might be ported to Linux or Mac but I would have to figure out a way how to make the window stay always on top, make it transparent… and I have no way of testing.


Version history:

0.4.0 - First public release.

EDIT: some technical details:

The tool is written in python3.6 using kivy as the GUI framework (which was a stupid choice).
All data is fetched either from esi (using the swagger-codegen client), zKillboard or a small piece of the static data dump (Thanks @Steve_Ronuken).

3rd party Python libraries used:
kivy, pyperclip, win32gui, requests, requests-futures, iconfonts, pytz

Executables are created using PyInstaller (which I know some virus scanners don’t like, sorry about that)


Will test it tonight!!

amazing tool ! thx for the great work


  • add a 3rd column that shows numbers of kill of the last 30 days
    or give choice to display the hover info of “last KB (kill)” inside a 3rd column (and give possibility to rearange colunm order) - actualy being able to list all hover information inside a column

  • somehow figure out a way to show if X character has already been in a previous “local copy” on the last 5min

again, great f** work man

Tried to launch it, but it just doesnt start. Doesnt load.

Which version did you use and what is your operating system?

Windows 10 and tried both versions. To clarify, I was originally able to launch and login, however after login, the app didn’t refresh and now doesn’t load at all

Can you check the file %AppData%\lat\settings.ini and see what the UI section looks like?

I dont see any settings.ini file. I redownloaded and the only settings file I see is called settings.json

It’s not inside the apllications folder just use exactly that address inside a windows explorer: %AppData%\lat\

Got it. Here it is

font_size = 11
transparency = 0
width = 400
height = 600
top = 0
left = 400

Great work, thank you for doing this :slight_smile:
I started something similar (c#) but have not had time to finish it :frowning:

Tried both versions on Windows 10:

  • 32 bit was good
  • 64 bit would not run (but I might not have 64 bit OS and cannot check atm)


  1. put total kills/losses, last kb (kill) on main window (not in the mouse over)
  2. in mouse over,:
    • put kills/losses in last x hours (or maybe days) where x is user configurable
    • display icons (or ship names) for kills/losses

Great job!

So a small update. I deleted all the previous data, redownloaded and it launched. However as soon as I logged, the app didnt refresh and stayed on browser reloading

The probem is probably your firewall, the app opens its own webserver to recieve the redirect from the sso page, probably that fails.

I allowed the application, disabled the firewall, same issue. the redirect is not working

Can you check if theres anything in %AppData%\lat\logs\esi.log ?

It is completely empty

Guess that means it doesnt even get to the point where it querries esi. I will make a debug version and send you the link.

Thanks. Let me know when you have it.

@Snitch_Ashor any update on the debug version?

@Snitch_Ashor any update on the debug version?