Pirates Little Helper alternative

I used to use a small app call Pirates little helper, the dev stopped work on it and it finially seems to not work, is anyone familiar with an alterntive?

What functionality are you looking to replace? All in all, this is an extremely useless application

in your opinion… I found it useful. the functionality to replace is what PLH did in the 1st place, why bother replying when you have nothing to say?

you won’t find an analogue app all in one. individual functionality can be replaced.

I’m trying to make my own Electron based replacement in my free-time. It shows things that are important to me, but I was inspired by PLH. I definitely think there is a market for this tool. In the mean-time, I do believe all the code is public for this application, if you want to host it locally. I am unsure how its internal database works, and if you would have accurate data, or if it uses zkill. Im trying to make an application that can be hosted locally that just uses zkill data.

pyspy still works, but hasn’t been updated in a couple years.

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Interesting as I am finding PLH basic functionality is working, in the past have never got that dscan working but looking up peeps in local works.

I just tried PySpy and its not integrating with clipboard

I tried it again and it seems to be working for me too. must have been a glitch. I remember the dev saying that he was no longer working on it and if CCP made changes that broke it then he wouldnt fix it, I thought that time had come.

https://localthreat.xyz provides similar functionality/intel as PLH.

Just copy/paste the Userlist from Chat into this page.

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