Local chat

The balances currently implemented by the CCP members
They have me a little baffled, I’m a player who has been on eve for a while
and I still have a lot to learn, I’m just intrigued to know what advantages it has
the elimination of the possibility of seeing the enemies in the premises in low sec
since it was the last defense of a player to capitalize on his winnings
in low sec through ratting or anomaly search …

by eliminating the only possibility of rapid response
ability of new players to defend themselves as the use
Dscan is a tool that takes a long time to master,

I do not say that it does not have its advantages, but the immediate location
of enemies through the premises allowed new players
move forward with more security and have comfort when you start
to play a game as complex as eve.

this change is a direct attack on new players that don’t
they have the ability to buy ships with good modules or the
experience to escape completely unexpected ambushes.

From PIRATAS ESPACIALES i wish u a fly safe o7


Local still works fine in High and Low sec. The only change was to Null sec, which is not a place for new players to wander around. And if you choose to go play out there b/c you want the increase in difficulty and rewards, then you’d better learn fast.

Taking the names and faces out of Local is only a good thing. It stops people from making Bots that can instantly run and hide the moment a stranger enters the system. It makes people paranoid and defensive, rather than being lazy and reactive. You have to watch your own ass, or actively patrol your borders, instead of letting the game tell you when there’s danger.


How can I defend myself against someone who does not appear in the dscan, since if someone enters the system with an invisibility module, it would take 2 seconds to search for it in the dscan before cloack is put in, even the dscan can scan as fast, and in the event that this unlogged in the system with covert ops leaves you totally badly stopped

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How to protect yourself from someone who does not appear in the scanner? at least let the scanner tell us that there is a cloaky ship :ok_hand:

Nah. CCP gave us more than a decade to self-police the botting and RMT. I think they are tired of listening.


In before it gets moved with the other massive number of threads, full of Whiner sec complaints.

with the scanner say ship cloaky is enough
or else the cover ops cloaky module works with fuell

they are constructive opinions, no complaints :kissing_heart:

When you post the same thing over and over, it is not ‘constructive opinions’ it is whining.

sorry this is not my post :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Right, because your troll thread was closed.

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Can you contribute something coherent about the subject?

This is the thread about blackout. Is that coherent enough?

excuse me but I’m talking about PROVIDENCE
here is always pvp, the problem is that there is no longer pvp
only cloaky people

Well, you could undock together with some buddies and bring the cloaky people some pvp.

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Now you’re suggesting this game is some kind of multiplayer game, where you get advantages when you work together.


Sorry bro but player’s aren’t getting paid to police bots and RMT in this game. That’s on CCP to do, they’re the one’s who set up the game parameters which made it bot / RMT friendly.

Anyway, I keep hearing all this talk about how Eve has a super big problem with bots and now you’re saying all these sudden changes to the game is suppose to help eliminate that bot problem?

Guess I’ve never really experienced any problems or for that matter, actually seen any bots in-game, other than the CCP bots …

I agree, whilst a temporary blackout is fun and does provide some content for others (and I have no issue with it in terms of it becoming a part of lore), if it’s been implemented as somewhat of an ‘easy’ fix for the botting problem it’s a little heavy handed.

Ironically it’s not botters we see complaining, it’s those who’ve made a considerable financial investment in null. For the most part I’m not concerned about new players in null, they aren’t tied down and can move anywhere and do whatever they please with ease.

This isn’t a criticism of the blackout per se, I actually love it!

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Removing local is a great partial fix to the extra rewards that have been piled into null over the last 10 years. It still needs more risk to make it equal to those massive rewards.

Create alt, put it on gate - you can again do cheating like with local.