Persistant data

would be nice to have scan data be persistent when i log off so that i do not have to re scan down every signature ever time i log out.

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Yeah, persisting that into a log saved on the local drive would be a good next step.

It’s great that they don’t get forgotten every sessions change anymore, but persisting them between logins would be a nice QoL extension of that, especially for WH players.

I believe you can save (in the notepad) the prominent signatures names/code, so that (meanwhile waiting for implementation) when you logon next, you save time scanning the whole lot.

When you scan down something that matters, save the location.

In any case then ignore the result. It won’t show up in the list again.

-1 unneeded.

clearly yer new to this so i will explain. when u log off all your ignored signiture get forgotten too includeing ones that never change like “mamo’s backyard” also when i enter a wormhole and scan down all 15 sig’s to decide what i like and happen to get a disconnect or come back to recheck the wormhole later i dont want to start all over.

That’s why he said save the locations. Then you don’t have to scan them all down again.

If you bookmark them, including the signature ID, that persists the list and even if you DC, relog, come back on a different day, you can just compare the current sigs to what you’ve saved and then either scan down only the new ones, or delete any bookmarks that are no longer sigs.

It’s what people have been doing since the game started and particularly since wormholes were introduced.

The suggestion in the OP is a good one, but there’s already a stndard approach to avoid having to scan everything down again.

It’s a nice idea, but wouldn’t work in this game. EVE as a game engine just isn’t intelligent or developed enough.

Also, it’s just not a good game period.

The whole design is simply to put two players in a room and see what happens.

There are many other games with a lot more depth and gameplay you could look to.

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