Remember scanned signatures between sessions

I saw a topic from a few months ago where a player was wondering why this feature was not implemented. The response from another player was that it might cause undo server load.

What my request entails would be to offload this information from the server to the client (if it is indeed being recorded remotely). Trash collection could be done on client startup to see how much time has passed from the last disconnect and preserve the previous scans if done within the last x hours (say 2-4).

The largest use case for this feature would be from unexpected disconnects from the server. I just had it happen to me where I finished scanning a system and was dropped. I logged back in within a couple of minutes and then had to rescan the entire system I just finished scanning.

As a wormholer, this is unfortunately a somewhat routine occurrence which is fairly annoying.


Speaking of scanning, I think CCP should incorporate a scannimg visual, such as a selectable scanning color and grid design that moves away from the ship when the scan button is pressed.

A second visual, grid appearance would look something like the visual when you exit a gate.

Maybe even little blips on the grid to show a generalized location of objects.

As a wormholer you surely had bookmarks of all previous results, names containing the sig-ID, so you could simply ignore all the already scanned ones within a few seconds after relogging, right? Right? :innocent:

Tbh if they could safe the info in your server profile, okay, would surely be convenient. However saving volatile information on the client always opens the door for client-side manipulations, for example to gain access to sigs you never had scanned or to get warpable beacons in locations that should be inaccessible. Especially if the data isn’t verified after login (because then they could use server-data anyway and wouldn’n need to safe the sigs on the client machine…).

I would run out of bookmarks within a day… :stuck_out_tongue:

Save it to an encrypted data file. It doesn’t need to be anything complex, even fairly simple encryption would be easy for the client to access/modify and very difficult for players to reverse engineer.

They can’t even change the mouse cursor, do you really trust them to make such a possible entry point for shenanigans failsafe? :rofl:

Tbh the status if a sig is already scanned to 100% can be a simple true/false flag and I see little problems to save that online in the server profile. The additional data to store and use on login isn’t even a few kb. It would probably even less demanding for the server than loading an encrypted file from the players machine and then decrypting it and sending back the data to the client to access. While being much safer… from a programmers perspective.

But in general I agree with your suggestion that the game shall remember the status of signatures between sessions, yes. It makes sense and would be an improvement.

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Thats a terrible thing to say. They probably use a lot of white out to correct their on-screen mistakes.

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