Ignored Sigs Persistence from Previous Session QOL

Remembering sigs ignored the last time one was online would be a serious QOL. This would allow for sigs ignored from a previous session to persist during the next session and the one afterwards into oblivion. This would be of major benefit for wh scouts, people scanning their home wh, people backpacking from shattered whs, Thera participators, nullsec anom enthusiasts, DED runners on their DED routes, folks looking for whs to haul their stuff from their current location to a trade hub, and the gas cloud enjoyer. If it’s not stuck in POS code, lets take a look at it CCP and get this QOL change implemented!

TL;DR: Read above. (Read below in between probe scans)

Instances where such a QOL change would be of benefit

Logged off for a couple hours or DCd? all of the previous sigs are shown, regardless if they were ignored the last time you were online.

Logging back on and looking for new sigs? All the previous one’s you ignored when you were online earlier have to be ignored again.

Backpacking out of a shattered wh and looking for new sigs? Those 30+ sigs are there again for you to sift through for the new sigs.

Running around your prized DED routes or looking for specific combat/belt anoms? All the sigs are back for you to sift through again. That one annoying site someone jumped the gate yesterday, but can only be ran by them, still pops up too the next time you login.

New Patch released/other server instability issues causing you to DC again and again, forcing you to sift through the same sigs again? Time to look through the bookmarks for the ones you already scanned again.


This would be a great QOL feature for explorers keeping track of sigs in a region or in a WH chain. I use paper and pencil b/c I am on/off eve all day long. I don’t think I use paper and pencil for anything else in life except for jotting down pages and pages of EVE sigs and their types.

This is needed especially with the observatory. Now if you need to go afk for some reason in hostile space, CCP wants you to log out instead. But this would at least mean you don’t lose your progress.

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If you have the ability to use pathfinder there is a function to add signatures.

Click on you probe scan list, select all with ctrl+a, copy with ctrl+c, and paste into pathfinder with ctrl+v.

Can use this approach to compare new or disappeared sigs at a glance.


Thanks for picking up my suggestion from the Small qol suggestions thread and bringing more attention to it!

This is something I came up with a couple of days ago about 4 hours into an exploration roam, when my EVE client crashed. I was just about to go back the same route to pick up all the new sigs, but this crash removed all of my scanned sigs…

I know there are 3rd party tools to keep track of (ignored) sigs and have used some in the past, but I would really prefer the ingame tools to be more reliable than something pen and paper could do.


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