Ignored signatures should remain ignored through a DC or logoff

It seems reasonable to assume that when I scan down a signature that is either uninteresting or trash and I ignore it that ignored status should persist through a disconnect or a log off. Why do I need to rescan the whole region if I log one of my alts for a minute? The answer is because I am forced to. Of course I can bookmark the scanned sigs, but only if I scan it down to 100%. Of course I can write down the names of each of the sigs in my notebook as I scan them, but that is tedious af when I should be able to just ignore it, forever and ever.

I think many of you stand with me when I say that I was frustrated by the constant disconnects we experienced due to the server attacks. My frustration with constant DCing was exacerbated by the need to constantly rescan every signature I had just spent time scanning.

Furthermore I find myself with the urge to keep my scanning toons logged always if I have scanned down the whole region and don’t want to have to rescan everything when I am looking for new signatures. Staying logged in has its benefits…but sometimes I want to turn this ■■■■ off. When I come back later I don’t want to spend another hour rescanning sigs I scanned and discarded that morning. Admittedly this may be a goal of CCP to artificially increase the players online tally. Who knows.

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You realize that before it would reset all sigs to be unscanned and unidentified if you docked, or left system.

I realize that. I was there. Just because they have come half way doesn’t mean they shouldn’t go the whole distance.

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You can bookmark everything to you know, that way you know what is what

I mentioned that already in my post. One may only BM a signature if it is scanned down to 100%. I don’t scan every sig to 100% when I am looking only for DED or WH. It is a total waste of my time to scan a sig past the 25% I need to know its type just so I can BM it to know it is trash the next time one of my toons enters the system.

Furthermore, even if I did scan everything to 100%, I can only have 500 BM’s in my shared folder. When many of my shared bookmarks are for Obs or PVP related coordinates I am quite limited when I scan an entire region + parts of other regions with multiple toons. I can use my personal BM folder, but at that point I might as well just write it down in my notebook. Tedious.

I don’t think it is so unreasonable to assume that most of us don’t want to rescan multiple signatures all the time because CCP can’t keep their servers stable or we just want to change toons.

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