Is this app compliant with the EULA?

Hello! I want to write a little app for Eve Online but not sure that this be match EULA. In short: this app will be monitoring the Windows clipboard and memorize all anomalies in current star system. When you enter in star system again you can see
which anomalies disappeared and which appeared new. Much this app will be match EULA?

So long as you do not automate the copying of the active probe launcher list of anomalies I don’t see it as an issue with you reading Window’s clipboard; now I fail to see how you would acquire a data-set which allows you to get both the name of the system you just entered as well copying the list of anomalies.

I don’t think there is an end-point for querying the list of active anomalies. So, I think the “only” option is to use a spreadsheet or just use Tripwire or similar existing apps/websites which already does what you want, by you providing the list of anomalies manually (Copy/Paste).

Note: Ofc. you can create your own if you so desire, but would it be worth your time?

I thinked it can be an “unfair advantage to players”? Player can see new anomalies in system more faster then other players.
Anomalies list must be copy to clipboard by pressing Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C in probes launcher window.

I get system name from esi “current location”. Automatic read clipboard is wrong way? It can be handmade doing?

To me it just seem too much work to create something that someone else has already made available.

I can’t say how you would automatically get whatever is in clipboard, I simply don’t know. And it would need a way to detect changes to the clipboard; but then the issue is with how would it know that the things you just copied is meant for the app to pickup? and not just some text from elsewhere you just happen to copy for some other purpose.

I think the best you can do is; when you manually copy/paste from the game client into your app, the app would then run a function which would request your character’s current system and assign the pasted data into a data-structure/base of some kind, for the system returned from the query of the end-point, to be used for comparison, if existing already, or just inputting the data if no such data is already existing.

The issue here is that your app cannot automate any interaction with the Eve client. You would need to be at the keyboard to “copy” onto the clipboard. Otherwise, there doesn’t appear to be any issue with doing this.

automate reading and parsing the clipboard is trivial, and not within the scope of the EULA/TOS of the game

My english very bad. As Xeux talking above I can’t automate any interaction with Eve client. It’s restrict by EULA. So if I do copy and parse clipboard by pressing on button then this is right way? Is’t it?

I think so, yes.

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