Listening clipboard events from eve

Hi, i want to build a small helper application for myself, which should automatically open a zkillboard page in a browser for any pilot, whos name i copy ingame (removing the need to do manual copypaste and input string trimming).

The idea behind is that this application will register itself as clipboard viewer. Then it will listen for WM_DRAWCLIPBOARD events, getting HWND of the owner via GetClipboardOwner function. Then i will check if it is the eve online process handle or not. Then name->id lookup through ESI and so on.

Im halfway through implementation and it suddenly stroke me that i really should consult first if this is allowed at all. Im not super fluent in this stuff, but i have a suspition that handle operations might trigger some protections and get me banned.


Is this safe? Can i do it?
(will it work?)

So anyway, i went ahead and tried and it does not work as i expected.

Apparently eve does not own clipboard when it works with it. So i can’t have the handle and i can’t have a pid. So since im not touching processes, all should be fine.

And the lack of handle is a sign itself, so i can work with that, provided that most windows applications adhere to the rules (the only exception i klnow of is adobe acrobat).

Still interesting if it is an accepted type of automation :slight_smile:

Another idea is to parse the chat logs listening for certain commands. i.e. !zkill name would open zkill for that char etc.

It isnt ~as~ efficient as just copy and it opening but also allows for more commands and control over what gets done.

Friend and I did a project on this for the CCP API Challenge a while ago. Link the to repo:

I would like to know the answer to this as well.

CCP probably won’t answer if it’s okay or not on the forum. I think the best way to get an answer is to create a ticket.

Actually, there is a similiar tool already, called Pirate’s Little helper, which effectively does the same thing (although probably without attempts to filter out clipboard event source).

Any success stories? If it is allowed, then mine should be ok as well.

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