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So a few years ago I was playing with my corp/alliance and we had a way to give a sound warning whenever a red entered a system that we had marked. It read the chat box looking for certain triggers (like the name of the system being said) and then made a little noise. Is that still a thing and does anybody know where I can get a guide to set it up if it is?

Pretty sure that’s classified as a bot and breaks the Eula.

Enjoy your ban

It most definitely was not a bot. It didn’t run in the background. It ran through dotlan and only ran through the log files. Which at the time was completely legal. If it’s not anymore then that’s one thing but if you don’t know about it then why assume the worst? I’ll wait until somebody pops in who can tell me about it and I can make sure it’s ok to use.

A little bit of Google foo brings up something called N.E.A.R 2 is that something that’s allowed?

You should ask CCP first before using it. There are a lot of third party programs that are now banned because they provide unfair advantages to players.

Yes, it’s allowed. Very popular with the null crowd.

Look under the FAQ to find:



The application does not violate the terms and condition as stated within the EULA of eve online. There is no data farming going on, nor direct interaction with the client itself. No scripting, botting, screenscraping or any of those illegal things some other intelligence applications exploit or abuse. It uses only user-generated input and only reads from the logs. It does not change any file or interact with the client or it’s software in any way.

I would not rely on the website for whether it is legal or not. I would ask CCP directly.

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Every krab coalition uses near.

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