Bot Mining

Also is it legal ?? to use a separate program to sync bot mining ships??

I was told by the dude, I use a separate program to load my Charon of ice from my 9 skiffs, and my Orca
and i said oh how cool is that… not …

this bot mining is getting really old… fast

No it is not legal, any program that automates part of or completely remove the human element of inputs are violating the EULA. This includes macros or other options that keyboard or mice may offer as part of their software package.

1 input = 1 command… anything else basically goes against EULA

Well i know a person that does it…
every ice spawn he is there with his 9 skiffs and Charon, and Orca Mining away.
Depletes the Ice belt in an hour.
and so many people complain and have sent reports over the last few months…
and he is allowed to just keep doing it.

It’s very likely that this person is “only” a multi-boxer who has a setup that is almost as efficient as a Bot would be. It’s almost impossible for players to definitively prove that a player is a bot; which is why each report on bots has to be investigated thoroughly before CCP will/can take action.

That being said; any action taken against bot, reported or not, will not be disclosed to the public.

I’d recommend that you take a piece of paper and start taking notes on “your” bot; When, Where and How long, do this for a 2-3 weeks (or longer if you wish) then when you have all this data you can compile a Bot report and send it via the Help Center or to Remember date and time is important when taking this kind of notes, CCP will be able to confirm your data in their game-logs.

Thank you
I will do that
I have plenty of screenies
And will submit after a few weeks of data is compiled.

Thanks again

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Or you can get 2 or 3 friends fit t1 destroyers and make sure he won’t keep mining that way easily xD

Have Machariel all set up for bumping the guy yuppers

Mach is too expensive. Y going to take a blow in your assets… fit t1 cheap desssies as Concord will come hard on you

or 1-2 MWD fitted Machs bumping the Orca or Freighter out of the belt may also be an effective tactic, as these type of fleets tends to be on “Keep at Range” from each other; Freighter - Orca - Mining Barges/Exhumers

Oh very clever…

yup i have the MWD fitted to the Mach

Nobody cares,there are hundreds,maybe thousands of rmt bots on in this game every day…

Denying this is simply a propaganda lie,we all can see them in the belts…and i’m NOT talking about npc mining operations,they are annoying too emptying whole belts in 2 hours,but not as harmfull as real mining bots.

CCP ban a few hundred,1 hour later they are on again and continue mining…

The benefits of free to play games…

you are right
its just a little frustrating how people can cheat and get away with it

Are you told to push that narrative as part of your continued place in the ISD?

It’s more likely they are bots. Multiboxing, in this game, is a gateway. Not a play style. Once people realize they are free to bot to their hearts content, that’s what they do.

While that’s fun to do once or twice, no one is going to keep ganking bots for the forever that botters can keep botting.

Again. It’s fun the first few times. Then it’s back to the status quo.

How about CCP come clean that they have the bot problem that we all know they have and work with us instead of telling us everything’s fine. Or telling us to deal with it on our own.

This should have been figured out before EVE went F2P, not still shrugging and lying about it years later.

No, certainly not!

Bots have been here since the dawn of MMO(RPG)s, cheats have been there since the dawn of gaming, it’s an impossible task to remove it completely (it would be equivalent to uniting all of planet earth as “one” people). CCP has stated on several occasions that they are aware of the BOT-problem and are doing what they can; but you can’t cure a decease when no cure exists! All you can really do is, to the best of your ability, to slow it down enough so it does not completely take control of everything.


I think it might be to late to do anything about it. Null sec is so very annoying now with bots and capitals everywhere. There is too much isk that has already been made. Too many capitals have been produced. I am contemplating moving to hs and joining a Wardec corp, just so that I never have to see another capital getting dropped on my frig.

Since the amount of ■■■■ that CCP gives for bot reports, no matter how detailed your info, I’d suggest you not waste your time.

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