Botting Intel Network?

So is there a new type of Bot in EVE?

After watching for several weeks I am curious to know if a Bot Intel network has been created for a certain Coalition of Pirates. These guys always know where the fat kids are flying within moments and they have 100 of these eyes skill injection farming.

I’m no coder but I know how easy it would be to create a macro that takes D scan and copy pastes it to a site but I expect they are using unencrypted game logs for whatever shows up on grid. I’m fairly certain this kind of live feed breaks EULA.

I was told to go report all 100 of these characters as bots and my ticket was closed. My GM even offered me isk for a ship I didn’t lose to these guys. Always feel like I just got done talking to a young McDonald’s manager about why my burgers missing cheese when I’m done with a GM here…

Can you point specifically what this breaks in the EULA?

Not sure what you mean, an intel network for hunting bots or bot intel networks, the latter being as common as pods sitting in space.

Something that CCP has had to brush aside realizing almost everyone who plays this game uses them and ultimately they can’t just ban all the people playing this game.

Good luck trying to solve this problem but I believe even CCP can’t get a grip on it themselves yet.

CCP gave us blackout so botters gave us a new kind of bot in the game.

I would be shocked if nobody is automating intel through debug logs.

Not entirely sure it would actually violate the EULA, though. It wouldn’t really be interacting with the client in any way, it’s purely reading log file output. Would it violate the EULA to, e.g., open a log file in notepad.exe?

At any rate, it would be extremely difficult to prove due to the lack of interaction/read-only nature of it.

There is an issue with the ESI that if you remove the access key via the website, expecting to remove the ability to pull data via programs like EVEmon and all the others. Those programs continue to be able to pull data for (so far) unlimited time.

So let’s say you switch Corp and that Corp is part of your old corp’s enemies all your previous Corp has to do is make a program that gives a ping based on “if {old member} flies {supercap} and {changes system}”.

With the cross polinisation over time (players switchings corps back and forth) and there really only being 2-3 factions it’s VERY easy to then know when the enemy does all kinds of fleet movements.

Report it and don’t post it here.

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