Intel program

hey i wanted to know if im allowed to make a program that links up to a chat and shows me what is linked in there ?

In game chat? Probably not, but those are stored on your PC in Eve logs

as i wanted to do something with the chats and make a program were i can see it outside the game if im log in.
something like near2

Yes, I worked on a project like this a while ago:

Part of what it did was allowing you to upload your chat log. It would then poll the log looking for various commands. E.x. !pc cynabal and it would load price data for that type in the app.

Related, we got an honorable mention in their API challenge.

okay i will be logged on i just needed to know before i worked more on it ^^
and start testing it

Hope you share you work. Personally, I would love to see what you come up

i will start working on it first and get it done ^^

hey i want to know am i allowed to screenshot the game and make the program ping if it sees a gray thing in local chat.
i do not mean to make it warp you just ping you if it sees it ? but the char. need to be in a system and online and it does not write or do anything else then just screenshot the game and look for a gray logo in the chat called local ?

how can i se what system goes to what ?

This is easy on Linux to parse the chat logs and use notify-send command to give alerts using simple shell scripts, or send it to some other application

You could set the client to minimal settings to reduce resource usage when running, and background it and set the priority to quite low, being also on Linux this would run in Proton or Wine.

you would obviously need to keep the client logged in to the chat to get it to hit the log

Text handling is a breeze on Linux

yeah but i use windows but the thing is am i allowed to do it ?

Scraping logs? They’re your logs, you’re not modifying the client, if in doubt open a ticket and ask.

It’s a grey area, it could very well fall under the “automation”, so asking a GM would probably be a wise choice. Reading the chat logs are not against the rules; but depending on how that info is relayed to other programs, it could possibly give an unfair advantage. Again, I would recommend you try and discuss it with a GM.

GM ? who is that ?

“Game Master”

You can contact them via the customer support system or on rare occasions in the in-game help channels.

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