Hey guys dose your N.E.A.R.2 still using?

Hey guys dose your N.E.A.R.2 still using? mine stoped at searching chat logs…

If anyone knows how to solve it , I beg u tell me thx!

i have never even heard of that

Hope it dies and never comes back. Saved chat logs should be 5min delayed, and encrypted in client.

@Mindahouf_Davaham This tools is used to automatically analyze local chat in null systems to inform everybody and their bots to dock up if a neut enters systems.

ahh okay makes sense thats why ccp would make it not work

I don’t think CCP stopped it working, it’s just not developed anymore. I think people tend to use more in-house intel tools because it’s easier to get away with dodgy sources of intel like local scraping if you’re not publicly advertising what your intel tool does.

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