2019/08/25 - Chat Cluster Reboot

Hey guys,

Due to an issue with the chat cluster, we’ve had to restart it, this means that all pilots have been disconnected from chat.

To reconnect to the chat cluster, you’ll need to log re-log into EVE.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

We’ll continue to monitor the chat cluster to make sure no further issues occur.

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as Topic … nice job ccp .

any idea why my fleet chat closed itself and gone from all fleet members ?

Working as intended™

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You forgot to tell us that we have to manually join all of our chats after the re-log
:heart: Bugs :woozy_face:

перезапуск-решение всех проблем)

Wasn’t one point of outsourcing the chat to a cloud provider to make chats independent from the client?

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I’ve re-logged twice, but local chat is still broken in null-sec :cry:


So local chat in Null…
I’m assuming that it’s meant to be back or is that fact that some players are showing up and others not a symptom of the fault.
Some systems are showing long lists of seemingly random players, some are showing no players except those who chat in local… Some systems are showing chat and players from other systems. I’ve not tried across 2 regions yet, what I’ve seen is so far all in same region.
Seems pretty borked to me.

How long are you people going to continu with this shipwreck of an application?

Untill something cheaper comes

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Some systems around Amarr and Kor Azor are still not working.

Pilots arrive but never leave.

“You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave.”


you doing it wrong , it’s still bugged. please update.

Well this entire universe chat is a kinda cool unintended feature for once tbh.

yeah its still not working normally

These are all CCP’s Chaos Era features. Don’t worry, everything working as intended.

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just reminder that we once got free SP for broken chat , and …it’s still broken .

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I’m in a null region, at first login around time of this post, I see 20 or so names that I know can’t all be in my local system… I saw a chat msg from a friend in the local list, who is located several jumps away, post into my local :wink:

Interesting Region Chat experiment by CCP :wink:

When I jump to a different system, I’m switched to the new local, but after about 20 seconds I get switched back to the first system channel I was in, at first login.