Is it a violation if create a software that reads EVE chat logs?

The purpose of this software is to monitor Alliance intel channel and plays an alarm sound when a neutral is reported few jumps from your location.

It plays the alarm sound but it’s up to the user to get safe if he is not AFK and it also depends on the channel members responsibly reporting neutrals to the channel.

That would be a form of automation. So no, I’d say they won’t allow it…

The concept is the same with other 3rd party apps like Spyglass (which is no longer working because of chat log changes). There was a thread CCP saying that it was ok but I can’t find it anymore and want to know the latest updates on it.

If you are afraid it’s going to violate EULA, submit a request and ask the GM’s…

@GM_Grizzled can you enlighten me on this please. Thanks

thanks @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras

i meant a support request, on

oh thanks again :slight_smile:

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