Would a local chat monitoring tool be allowed?

I was thinking of something that takes a screenshot of the game and beeps if a hostile is in local, similar to what SMT does with intel, but with local.
I haven’t found nothing like this, which raises a red flag, because it is simple to implement.
Is this kind of thing allowed?
I read the ToS and haven’t found any rule it breaks. Although if you take the rules to the letter, every tool “change how the game is played”.

Any thoughts appreciated.

I think that rule means physically change the gameplay, which is hacking into it.

I think one of the overlay tools can do that. Not entirely sure.

I would think it would be fine, but I wouldn’t go by player opinions. What you really want is for a ruling from someone at CCP. You can try at’ing people from the community team, or try filing a support ticket to ask.

The only answer CCP will ever give you is that it is forbidden. If it is allowed, they will remain silent.

Given that you want to replace human attention with automated alerting system, I would imagine the answer is “no”.

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What I will add to this conversation is that there used to be ways to generate an alert when someone entered local through helper applications and CCP made specific changes for the express purpose of making those tools non-functional.

From what I gather, and remember of the way intel tools were left to function, CCP did not interfere with tools that relied on a player to generate alerts manually, but tools that automatically generate alerts without human intervention, even if those alerts were just ‘someone entered local’ without an indication they were friend or foe, drew some measure of ire.

You’re reading data that you theoretically don’t have.
Unlike what intel tools like SMT or near2 do. They are reading chat logs which are manually filled and ccp explicitly provides you with. So, no… it’s not similar (only in a very naiv way).

Your planned type of automation will not be allowed.

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