Is using a "Local Alert" progam bannable in EVE Online?

I’m very curious about this topic and wasn’t able to get clear answers from anyone I know, wondering if someone could accurately answer my question.

What do you mean by a “local alert” program?

Make a support ticket and ask the GM’s. That’s the only way to get an official answer.

A program that can read the memory of the eve client to produce a beep or audible warning when someone enters local without any user’s input would be against the rules. Using player driven intel channels where someone sees a person enter local and manually issues the warning, which is then written out to a log file and read by a problem to produce an audible alert is not.

All it really needs is software taking a screen shot every second and checking the few pixels required to find out if someone entered. CCP can’t ban taking screenshots and CCP can’t ban any form of processing screen shots without affecting recording, streaming and taking screen shots. There is no way to word it without affecting something else and it would be unenforcable anyway, because literally anyone, who is willing to have such a tool, can spend ten minutes on google to figure out how to write it in python. Local intel tools are effectively unbannable and the easiest thing to do. No memory inspection required.

Therefore the answer to the OP is simply: No, they aren’t, because there’s no way of preventing you from taking screen shots. That CCP could potentially tell you’re taking screen shots in regular intervals does not allow them to safely conclude that you are using it to gain intel. They can not possibly track what you are doing with that screen shot.

Does it mean that you’re a bad player, potentially a farmer, botter and RMTer? Yes. I hereby publicly accuse DerpiestTony of botting.

I mean anything that you do in known space requires you to check local for potential threats. So, yes, is it likely I suck and I’m lazy, sure! But I mean they could track me if I never lose a single pve ship in a year in nullsec and then question me on it.

Ive highlighted a post above by Wander Prian that answers the question OP had asked. Closed.