Eve online add-ons [Alarm]

I have heard several times you can get a program for eve online, That acts as an alarm when something is flashing, Example When there is a suspekt on overview, or new person jump into local…

I run Eve with 3 screen and 3 different account so it would make my life easier if the example I didn’t have to look at my spy alt, every 30 sec, but could just listen to an alarm.

Some people know what that program is called? and it is legal to use in Eve online??

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I’m pretty sure that’s a negative…

6.2 of the EULA
“You may not use your own or third-party software to modify any content appearing within the Game environment or change how the Game is played.”

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If all that software does is looking for some pixel color on the screen to sound alarm or reads some log file to do so - then it does not modify anything within the client. In that perspective it is no different than (combat)log parsers that show your applied/incoming DPS in real time in some overlay(allowed).

But software itself can be an issue because by applying its functionality in creative ways it can lead to gameplay automation which is illegal.

That’s the part that that they will rightfully hit you with. CCP has stated that as long as you are at the KB playing EVE, you can do what you want (in general) but the minute you are using something that allows you to not be at the KB but still play the game effectively, then that is a cheat and is therefore banned.

What you are asking for is an AFK alarm and that is clearly against the rules.

I can’t say anything about a combat parser but that you are still playing the game as intended…heck you can just look at the enemy ship and you know what they are shooting plus it tells you on screen (I think). Not the same.

Indeed, OCR and looking for a pixel colour/change are the backbone of game automation software.

@ OP, if you have to ask if it’s allowed, it’s probably not.

Can I have your stuff before you try out such an automation software ?


I hate local!:grin:

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I don’t think the add-ons are very good, most of those players recently stopped logging in… :wink:

Please consider a support TIcket asking if a particular program is allowed. You will not get a official Response from a GM Here on the forums. Closed.

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