Hey guys, just recently started the game and just wondering what the legality of using TeamViewer is. I’ve been doing some mining recently and it seems like it’d be perfect to do while I’m at work with TeamViewer.

Just don’t want to cross a line and get banned.

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When it comes to stuff like this your best bet is to submit a ticket with CCP themselves, the best you’ll get on the forums short of someone at CCP seeing this is general advice as to what the rule of thumb is.

@CCP_Aurora, can you chime in?

Speaking of which, the general rule of thumb is that sending multiple keystrokes via a shortcut is a nope, cloning keystrokes is a nope; basically any automation is a nope; teamviewer doesn’t do any of that unless you tell it to so I would say ok, but I’m not CCP.

Bear in mind that playing via teamviewer will look like 8 bit and adds latency, it’ll be like playing in the middle of Kiwirrkura, Australia.

Input broadcasting is against the rules. There’s also some skullduggery about cutting the EVE windows and lining them in certain ways or something, not sure. I don’t use software to multibox so I don’t pay much attention to the rules regarding that.

Jonah’s advice is the best: when in doubt, petition CCP, and save the response.

TeamViewer does not input broadcast. It lets you press buttons from a different computer but you still have to press every button and do every action yourself. It is nothing like the ISBoxer feature that let you click dozens of buttons with one keystroke.

everything i’ve seen so far, coincides with what Zhalyd said… Teamviewer is legal to use, and doesn’t break the ToS.

CCP is like a jar full of pennies away from forcing their employees to dance topless for tips; they’re not going to do anything to you unless you do something explicitly disallowed and in a very conspicuous manner. You can probably even get away with full-on botting or input broadcasting (as plenty of players seem to be), as long as you’re not running a dozen-account barge farm or ganking freighters by yourself. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that their stoic, vigilant gaze is ever-present, just waiting for you to do a Google search on “AutoHotkey” before permanently banning from the game you and the next three generations of your family just for having it in your browser’s search history. They need your cash much more than that.


I’m sure some don’t need to be forced, just a few rounds at the pub is enough encouragement :innocent:

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