Eve and teamviewer?

It’s summer time here. My wife wants me in the garden if she is chilling and sunbathing. Not on the PC.

Is it against the rules to use software like teamviewer? I want to check some market stuff on my iPad. Maybe VNI ratting.


Submit a help desk support ticket and post the GM response here.

You can not post GM response, if I remember correctly.

You can not post your support tickets.

Ban related stuff, but things that are of interest for the greater community should be a different story. You can ask that in the same ticket to be sure.

It is not input broadcasting, because you click one button and 1 client takes action. If you rigged it to broadcast that click to two clients you’d be in trouble.

That’s what I found out so far.

You can use it, doesn’t look different from CCPs end anyways.

Used to do it on my phone from work, lol.

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Oh, you really do. How is it on the phone? 5-10 FPS?

Erm, no…got about 60 because in terms of processing on the phones side it’s just watching an HD video and sending button pushes. All of the hard work is still being done on the computers GPU.

Works fine.

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The game rules essentially state that one “input” action (you pushing a key or clicking or using your finger) must only ever result in one “game” action in one game client (a command the game understands, like “stop ship” or “orbit” or “open market”). If it’s any more than that, it’s botting and bannable.

Remote viewing as you described is fine to my knowledge, and has been done by players forever. There is a slight possibility that CCP’s anti-cheat systems would raise a false positive, but a GM would be able to fix that with no problem.

The suggestions in the thread of checking with a GM before you do this are good anyway. However, mind the fact that the Eve ToS include:

  1. You may not publish private communications from CCP, their agents or representatives or EVE Online volunteers without authorization.

So don’t post the response here (not verbatim, at least). You can paraphrase it.

Nah, you won’t get in trouble for posting an answer to a ticket, particularly if you write in the ticket that the answer will be shared. CCP team Security specifically wrote about that before:

You can find the whole dev blog here.

So please do ask the question, forewarn in the ticket and share the answer!

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I was not aware of that clarification, probably because I only returned to Eve back in March. That’s good to know, thanks!

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