Pathfinder support thread?

Hey all,

After taking a long break I’ve been getting back into EVE, and especially wormholes.

I’ve been trying out pathfinder, used to be a tripwire fan (still am but trying something new). I’m sure my frustrations have to do with ignorance about pathfinder but unlike tripwire I cannot seem to find a thread where it is discussed or questions could be asked.


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Do you have any problems, you wanna talk about?
Cause i never had any with pathfinder, so i didnt need a thread.

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Well maybe not problems, but things I expected to work a certain way and don’t. This could easily be user error but they are not something I could find in the manual so I wasn’t sure if I was just doing it wrong. I’m more used to ttripwire and these are things I could do there but don’t seem to have a similar function in pathfinder.

First as an example, I scan down a wormhole sig, and when I check it I find it is already EOL. I don’t jump through to find the other side, as I may not want to risk it collapsing behind me. So I don’t have the connecting system. I do not see any place in the signature module to flag that it is EOL. I can put that in the notes but that isn’t the same. If I have a system in leads to I know I can click on the connection in the map module and flag the connection EOL, but that doesn’t help if nobody ever jumped through.

Second, if I do have a wormhole signature, and set its “leads to” so that it shows which system the WH is connecting to, it doesn’t seem to create a “link” as I would have expected. For example if that WH later expires, and I delete the sig, I would expect it to delete the system on the map, as well as the corresponding chain. However it isn’t doing that. I have to go up to the map and delete the system manually. which leads me into

Third, when I right click on a system , and it has a whole chain of systems, there is an option to delete system and its connections. However it does not delete the entire chain. I have to CTRL click every system manually and then choose delete.

Thanks in advance if you have insight on what I’m doing wrong.

There is a stage after EOL, thats atleast 15mins, so jump it and instantly burn back? If it is the last stage the problem will solve itself in around 15 mins.

I dont really use that feature to be honest, i try to name the BMs, so its clear in system and i dont really need that info in pathfinder.

Hold leftclick, drag to select all systems, delete.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it simply seems to indicate “pathfinder can’t do that” which is unfortunate.

2 days ago I accidentally jumped through an EOL WH (I meant to go to a different one and wasn’t paying attention). I got to the other side and poof it was gone.

Regardless, If I am roaming a chain it is a waste of time to jump through an EOL hole and back simply to get the system name. And this isn’t really a “fix” to the pathfinder issue I’m talking about. I should be able to flag the Sig EOL directly.

Fair enough. However the main benefit should be that I can simply delete the sig and all of the systems in the chain should get removed automatically. If it can’t do that, it isn’t really a function worth using.

Yes I know I can do that, but the point is I shouldn’t have to. When I’ve used tripwire, I can just delete the sig and poof the chain is cleaned up.

I do like the additional info pathfinder provides.

Im pretty sure it was also critical (mass limit). You normally can jump those with a scanning frig, but i already collapsed one with a HIC that only had 800 tons.

Either way I appreciate the effort.

Mostly I was just trying to find if there were any threads or resources. Tripwire has a very active thread in this forum for feedback and questions. Given that Pathfinder seems far more robust I was surprised I couldn’t find anything similar discussion thread etc, either here, or the third party subform, or reddit, or even on the github repo. After searching around a bit I thought I’d ask in case i missed it.

Anyone knows the issue where Pathfinder will not remove pilots from the map when they log out, so the home system shows more and more users until it appears as if everyone in the corp is always online? Has been going on for weeks.

It’s a self-hosted Pathfinder installation, and I’m not the admin. Still thought I might try to find a solution.

How long does it take until Pathfinder recognizes a newly created corp? It’s been 4 days since a corp was created and I still cannot add it to the chain map because Pathfinder cannot find it.

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