Pathfinder vs. Tripwire

(Seraph Essael) #21

Pathfinder supporter here. Clean, crisp and easy to use. Better if you host it yourself to (of your corp hosts it etc etc).

(Celais Orlenard) #22

And another Pathfinder user here. If you take your 5 mins and look into it how you can efficiently use it its great

(William Ormono) #23

Thanks for all the feedback guys. Sounds like I’ll continue to use Pathfinder, as it’s what I know.

(Takeshi Coldstream) #24

I used Siggy, Tripwire and then Pathfinder. Each had something going for it. I was last using Pathfinder, and then left the corp server one to go with the public one…it adamantly refuses to track me through wh space. Anyone else having issues recently?

(Chingy Chonga) #25

If you would like to try another one out, I resently released a new mapper of my own. I posted the details in this reddit thread:

(Chingy Chonga) #26

ESI api was down for 5-6 days for locations, and the universe names have been down for almost a week and counting causing most mappers to lose locations functionality, like pathfinder.

(Serg Sinist) #27

Pathdinder is good alternative than Siggy, but little laggy. Pathfinder track one character per tab, tripwire may track multy characters in one tab. And tripwire less using computer resources than pathfnder.

(Rena Skjem) #28

i agree. Pathfinder definetly need more optimisations in terms of speed on slow machines and the amount of trafic it generates.

i was using pathfinder for 2hours on active map (like 50+ connections) and it eated like 100mb of traffic.
All that time i was not able to use pathfinder efficiently. it was super laggy and slow. it probably is my pc… but if something can be done from server/client(js) side of things about it that would definetly help.

Also siggy is okay, but you giving all your data to some hard knocks dudes or w/e running siggy servers which is NOT good.

(Jack Miton) #29

If your computer isnt from the middle ages it really isnt an issue.

(Helmslianna) #30

I tried Tripwire right after Pathfinder, I literally could not figure out the UI, Pathfinder I have entire regions mapped. Top-Notch developer at Pathfinder. I don’t know if that helps, but I tried for like 30 minutes, and got no where fast with Tripwire.

(Imustbecomfused) #31

pathfinder seems easier to set up and get working from the go…

(Elin Otsolen) #32

I use a private wh mapping site so NIETHER (its called vippy and its by far the best mapper ive used)

(princess abbie) #33

Make the user interface more like path finder i the only thing I can suggest for tripwire, i know a lot of people that like tripwire but for newbros being introduced to tracking and such the user interface is 10000 x easier for new players on pathfinder its user interface is exceptional.

(Imustbecomfused) #34

I forgot about vippy. I love vippy!

(Wairui) #35

Yah, I agree Vippy is the “best mapper” available but it’s overkill for most if not all care-bear corps in WH space. For these corps, Tripwire and Pathfinder are good enough.

Vippy is a must for the serious PvP group who highly value the time and effort spent by scouts to scan out long chains, not treat them as an afterthought. It’s designed and developed BY a veteran wormholer and scout FOR rapid PvP scouting and situational intel collection*. Stuff that care-bear corps don’t consider important.

( *although its auto-numbering mode over the traditional inefficient lettering style, makes a huge difference too )

(Asbjorg Svensdatter) #36

I strongly prefer Tripwire, but my alliance uses pathfinder and I often have to delete connections it automatically adds that don’t and never did exist.

(Baatin Chaikai) #37

I lived in wormholes for more than 3.5 years.
During this time I tried different WH-Mapping Tools.
But since more that 1.5 years I stay with Tripwire.
The main reasons are:
a) the strictly hirarchical structure of the chain
b) the visualization of unopened wormholes
c) the low traffic and resource consumption
d)the mask-option to share the map with “Non-Corp-Mates”

and in combination with a propper Bookmark-Setting a very smooth way to dive cross several WHs.

(Rion Stormborn) #38

I used 3 tools for mapping so far - I found privately hosted pathfinder is best. Tripwire misses key functionalities, siggy is better than tripwire and only slightly worse than pathfinder.

I scan more than any of the pilots that posted here I am pretty sure, probably more than all of them put together.

(Trinkets friend) #39