Siggy Working?


I am back to the game after several years off.

I use to use Siggy for wormhole mapping and from what I can see it is still functioning.

However, my ISK balance in the application is below my daily cost. This does not seem to prevent me from using Siggy.

Furthermore I send some isk to BorkeLabs to top up the balance and it has not shown up in my Siggy admin page.

Has anyone used Siggy recently and is it still considered functional? Has the cost been removed?

Appreciate any feedback, thanks.

I think most nowadays use TripWire.

Thanks Sakimura, I am aware of tripwire and find it appalling in comparison to Siggy.

I would still appreciate any recent info on Siggy please.

Try Pathfinder. Tripwire is popular but some find it non intuitive.