Trig Wormhole Tracking (K-Space Perspective)

So I’m trying to find better ways to track where wormholes might be spawning in K-Space, without the need of filaments.

I fly for the republic (faction) and thats the region (Metropolis / Heimatar / Derilik / Molden Heath) ending up in high sec of enemy territory isn’t good for my health :slight_smile:

Anyway, I use zkillboard to track when/if a player has been killed by Triglavian in K-Space, because in theory, unless its a minor victory site there shouldn’t be wandering Tri anywhere in K-Space.

After that, I go to the system and scan for the wormhole and its usually there (obviously based on the time stamp)

From there, I’ve found other systems and I set up a bit of a patrol route. I use a covert ops ship to scan for trig ships (because theoretically (According to CCP) the WH’s should show up near / around systems that are a part of the 27.
If I can track ship kills (like trig killing edencom ships) I could have sure fire way of tracking these wormholes without filaments.
From just one of these sites, I’ve made about 250+ ish mill in assets (maybe more but the filaments havent settled in price market wise imo they will go down the better accessible they are) so its a lucrative activity to find these sites and clear them (its more waves than an emerging conduit, and there are scraming trigs)

This may be common knowledge to others, but it wasn’t to me and I couldn’t really find clear answers on how to find trig WH’s easily which is good for me! I love mystery and figuring things out.

Right now, besides defending republic space, I’m trying to observe trig and edencom forces inside and outside the wormhole, if anyone else has any advice or even wants to help! Please let me know!

Fly safe, and defend your space!


Um, small roaming trig gangs (3-4 frigs) used to warp into belts throughout HS. Did this stop? If not, you might have better luck by concentrating on kills by kikimoras and larger.

T-space holes are spawning all over the place. I’m finding them in -1.0 Sov Null, Highsec, and more often than not nowhere near any of the Pochven locations.

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From what I understand now, after doing a bit more research, they can spawn up to 3 systems away from where the original system that went Final Liminaty. So in my case I’ve found wormholes in Bei, Hagilur, and Anher, all systems that are 3 jumps away from Krirald, the system that originally went Final Lum.

I have a bit of a patrol route now for finding roaming trigs from those holes as well as finding the holes themselves.

Atleast for the Metropolis region, I believe I’ve narrowed down the systems to
Dudreda Hakisalki Arwa Ansen Arifsdald Hagilur Bei Anher Ragnarg Thelan

All of those systems can have a wormhole spawned that leads to T-space, specifically the Krirald static in Pochven.

Metropolis System Effort Patrol Route Planning


The first week of T-space holes I found five in Malpais (nowhere near Skarkon, the nearest Pochven flip). Two of those went to Niarja. This last week we had one go to one of the outlying systems in the same constellation as had two previous holes (one of which went to Niarja).

This might have been before they patched wormholes so they had a bit of consistency when they showed up.

Still, I do wonder if the holes show up more than just once in the system. (So far I’ve only seen one hole show up at a time)

Only C729 spawn max 3j from the old location. The other 4 types spawn according to their space (Drone NS, C2+ WH space, and trig outgoing to C4 and NS)

Ah, so those are business as usual. Wait, does that mean they end up in the 27 statics? So from any of the 27 systems you can have multiple wormholes appear, One going back to K-space and a few going elsewhere?

The 27 trig systems have each one reverse C729 static. So there is always one possible incoming WH from old nearby space. People just have to find it in the 12 to 15 systems and go through to open the K162 in the corresponding trig system.

Right, but I mean if your already scanning in traditional wormhole space or null-sec. Holes leading to pochven have shown up there as well.

So does this mean there can be more than one wormhole in Pochven leading to those places (not K-space)

Yeah, just went to a system with three WH signatures.

are there also wormholes inside pochven that lead to other systems in pochven?

C729 can spawn in Pochven between two systems which originally follow the 3j rule.

I don’t think so, I think the wormholes inside of pochven only lead to K,Null or WH space.

Out of curiosity, does anyone know if there are any websites or discords that are keeping track of systems that are reported to currently have trig wormholes?

I’d be curious as well, if there isn’t I might make one soon enough.

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One other thing, super minor as well.

It seems that when you scan the wormhole if its the one that connects to Pochven, it will always be class 2.

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