Triglavian Ganks in hi-sec non minory victory systems

Just noticed in the last week or so: some hi-sec systems sometimes have Triglavian fleets on gates.
I guess - a number of people pissed off getting destroyed and podded by them.
My kid lost a Gila because of them, and I managed to run into them multiple times in Tengu.
So far what I know - it’s related to wormhole(s) in system and nothing in patch notes.
Any idea: it’s intended to piss off some people or it’s bug or it’s side effects of latest patches?


The Trigs show up in their minor victory systems and they show up in any system that happens to randomly have a Pochven wormhole connection. When Pochven first came out, these wormhole connections were rare, but I guess CCP made them super-common now, so that there are 5-10 highsec connections at a time.

I haven’t been following it much, though.

Today I met trigs couple times in a hour in Sarekuwa .
It ended bad for them, but they managed to destroy some innocent people.

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Yep. He is doing mostly filaments. I’m flying mostly Tengu or trigs exterminators. Kid sometimes using my account.

Account sharing is verboten

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When it is within your own family it is only mostly forbidden.


They are likely still trying to drive destruction. We aren’t out of the woods economy wise yet.

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um… it was mentioned some time ago that wormholes would be appearing connecting t-space to k-space, and that trig npcs would be traversing them.

I get excited when I find one of these wormholes 'cos that means pewpew and DED loyalty points.

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It’s nice and cool, but IMHO they should not camp gates.


Where else are they going to camp and not just be a loot piñata?

They are supposed to be a threat to people, hence camping gates :stuck_out_tongue:

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They should put up some werposts at the stations.

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CCP seems to have this weird idea that destruction, in and of itself, is good for the game. Since they’ve designed their game such that’s it generally too boring for most players to engage in destruction, they’ve decided they need to put in NPCs and core rule changes to create the destruction instead.

They haven’t stopped to think “why is destruction good?” or “what will the player base think of all this random destruction created just to nuke as much player assets as possible?”. They just look at the economic mistakes they’ve made over the past decade, notice there’s a lot more production than destruction, and decided that if they inflate the destruction artificially, everything will be fixed.

This is known in some circles as “putting the cart before the horse”. If they ever bothered to learn any fundamental game design and player psychology, they would realize they’ve got it backward.



Destruction has always been part of the core of the game, they are just getting back to that, people seem to think high sec is safe, that incorrect mentality needs to be corrected


People complain either way. Whether it’s NPCs or players doing the destruction it doesn’t alter the flow of salt.

I do think that CCP’s intentions are not often matched by their implementations.

the fleet has moved to an asteroid belt now . you ok with that ? they’re not that hard to avoid , it’s not instant-lock as some have claimed …
maybe it’s time you had “the talk” with your son ; explaining the dangers of being afk and using auto-pilot … :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard it called that before…

Not a threat but a killing force. Solo battleships doesnt have much chance with the 20 raznaborg NPCs with at least 2 Scrams and web, rodivas and few leshaks. I dont think orcas are tanky enough to do something. All you can do is try to get out by using cloak or warp stabilizers, not fight when solo. Or get your standings positive towards both EDENCOM and trigs… which is a way of forcing everyone in high sec into that aborted mostrosity called Pochven region.

Its a fleet content, it doesnt warn you before you jump into system, wormholes appear around the trading hubs where people transport in industrials. Its a way of CCP/PA terrorizing players to try new “content”. They put a knife on your throat and tell you to jump into Pochven.

This is what it is.

:dagger: :fearful:

Its also a way they are messing in a bad way with EDENCOM players, because they got really high EDENCOM standings and low trig standings in effect, and now would need to do really long grind before they are positive to both. :policewoman:


Good synopsis.

You forgot to mention that CCP’s constant meddling and intervention with the game is removing the sandbox aspect and turning Eve Online into a scripted theme park.


Which for people who weren’t part of the war requires you to shoot 1 NPC and wait 15 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

Avoiding them is pretty easy if you’re not lazy, like i said i’m enjoying watching things explode