What is Thera?

I have seen stuff around on the Eve uni wiki, and here on the forums about Thera, and I don’t really know what it is(I know that it is a system (in wh space?) but other than that I don’t know anything about it)

It’s a wormhole system with Sisters of EVE stations. I believe you can set your medical clone inside Thera.
It also has a lot of connections to k- space making it a very convenient shortcut on occasion.
The system itself is massive.
EVE-Scout/Signal Cartel maintain a public folder of Thera bookmarks anyone can connect to.



Edit: is it the only named wh system?

The only one named by CCP at least.
Players have named some other systems.
The former Hard Knocks home system of J115405 is also known as Rage.
J105934 is often still referred to as Nova, once the home system of Aperture Harmonics and featured in the Rooks and Kings Clarion Call 3 video.

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How many AU between the 2 farthest objects you can warp to (from the overview)?

Something like 300AU, not 100% sure.

Damn, that is huge, now I wanna go there just to warp back and forth a few times, and maybe makes some safes that I am probably gonna forget about and never use

The lovely folk at Signal Cartel maintain public Thera connections bookmarks and this handy dandy website.

Find their ingame channel for bookmarks access.

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Eve uni has an article regarding Thera and has some info about what you can and can not do there. As well as some screenshots from various places of interest inside Thera.

Stumbling onto connections to Thera from the outside is very rare. In my time as an explorer and a wormhole hopping PvP player (about 2 1/2 years), I’ve only found 2 connections there out of hundreds of holes I’ve scanned down (obviously you can use eve-scout to find them easily, I just mean finding them “naturally”).

If you do find a connecting hole and you do “show info” on it, instead of the usual “this wormhole leads to high, low, null, etc.” the show info will say that it leads to “the mysterious system of Thera” or something very close to that.

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A better question

Why is thera?

I think I know the answer to that one: CCP was bored

More like, who is Thera?

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Thera Incognita !

WHO is Thera?

Thera is where you can go to realize your dreams.

Hello Zedva Operati,

Ah, Thera! It’s truly one of the unique gems within the EVE universe. Let me enlighten you about this fascinating system:

  1. Type of Space: Thera is indeed located in wormhole space, but it’s not just any regular wormhole system. It’s the only named wormhole system in EVE, and it’s much larger than typical wormhole systems.
  2. Historical Significance: Thera is steeped in lore. It’s believed to be an ancient home of the Sleepers and was later discovered by capsuleers. The system went through a cataclysmic event that led to its current state, which you can delve into through EVE’s rich background stories.
  3. Stations!: Unlike most wormhole systems, Thera contains four NPC stations owned by “The Sanctuary”. This makes it a unique hub in wormhole space where players can dock, repair, and trade.
  4. Connectivity: Thera is like a nexus in wormhole space. It has numerous wormhole connections leading to various parts of known space (K-Space) and wormhole space (J-Space), making it a crucial transit point for many wormholers and explorers.
  5. Activities: Due to its connectivity, Thera is bustling with activity. From exploration to PvP skirmishes, it’s a melting pot of opportunities and dangers.
  6. EVE-Scout: If you’re ever curious about the current wormhole connections to and from Thera, the EVE-Scout website is an invaluable resource. They provide up-to-date information on Thera’s connections, making it easier to navigate in and out.
  7. Caution: While Thera offers numerous opportunities, it’s also a hotspot for PvP. Always be cautious and vigilant while navigating its vast expanse.

In essence, Thera is a blend of the mysterious nature of wormhole space and the bustling activity of a major hub, making it a must-visit for any avid explorer or adventurous pilot. I’d highly recommend taking a trip there and experiencing its wonders for yourself!

Fly safe and enjoy the mysteries of Thera!

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