Station Trading in Thera?

I was thinking about maybe trying station trading again, but implement my love of wormholes into it. I would think that lots of people would buy goods in Thera, and maybe if I could export products there I could make some decent money.

I was wanting to start trading with ~6bil I have laying around.

Any thoughts?


Thera is mostly under constant camp by the same pilots as you can see by your self on zKillboard. I guess they would be only peeps buying your stuff if it is cheaper and more time saving than moving their own stuff into Thera. But as Thera always have a lot of entrances and exits it is not a hassle to move your stuff in easily.

On the other hand, why not to try it? You can always cancel sell orders and move your stuff out of the hole. :sunglasses:

Since anyone living in Thera has easy access to the entrances they probably do all their logistics themselves.I would advise not to waste time on this and instead consider seeding something like an npc nullsec region

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I’d have to agree here. You’d be way better off doing that or seeding several smaller markets around the highsec-lowsec boarders.

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You can also seed Hi-Sec system which is Incursion home/staging system at a given moment. You can check fits here to see what ammo, parts and ships do people usually buy and fly.

Out of interest, does anyone know of a list of say the top 50 items to seed nullsec NPC stations with? I found one once but alas I’ve lost it.

Points webs scram LSE MSE mwds mostly 5mn and 50MN MCDFE rlml invul eanm dcu nanos all types dmg mods and fotm fleet comp turret t2 and meta 4 like 1400mm arty and 1400mm scout arty


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