Quick Thera question

I’m considering the life of scum and villainry, but there is a lot to know. I was wondering how realistic is it to use Thera, if living in a WH, as a trade hub and place to go to buy things? Or is Thera largely avoided and people just use a highsec hole and travel to buy more things?

Edit: Nevermind it appears Thera isn’t as loaded with players and items as I thought it was (Never really went to it before). I was of the impression many moons ago that it would also act as a hub for wormholes for supplies and it doesn’t seem to be.

From what I recall, Thera turned into a massive FFA not long after it was introduced. I know some players tried to turn it into a hub but players were more keen on just shooting everything in sight.

Interesting, well I suppose it’s going to be all about finding a low sec or high sec hole to get things when needed then.

This is about a year old. Not sure how relevant or up-to-date it is, though.

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