Is it worth doing?

I have a fairly simple question. I want to go solo for a bit, and am mainly into PVP. Is thera a place worth living in? I’d have access to many different holes everywhere, but question becomes, is there much activity within thera itself? And is it worth trying to move PVP ships in there so I can live there?

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The main advantage of Thera is that is has many connections to null sec (and low sec), where you can go pvp.

This pvp can be both solo or group, and obviously groups will have an advantages, but solo can still be doable.

It’ll require a lot of scanning/scouting, so having two accounts can be nice, and you’ll be in competition with the other groups basing out of Thera so don’t expect a very high kill efficiency if you play solo.

As for the activity within Thera itself, it’s mostly WH and station camps, which tend to require a group of people to pull off well, or any organised group should be able to kill your solo camp.

(Almost) nobody rats in Thera that you could gank, if that is what you’re asking.

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Are there ever any relic or data sites in Thera? In that case, what ships are typically needed? Need some alpha capable and Omega capable ships. As well, how many live in Thera? Like, any big corps or no?

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As well, is there any ratting, mining, or huffing opportunities in Thera or no?

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Those guys live in Thera. You dont wanna go Ratting or Scanning in Thera.

You can propably live there solo, but why wouldnt you just join a corp, that is already living there?

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Sure it is.

Yes there is.

and other WH systems, if huffing gases/sleepers are your kind of pve (or hunting people engaging in these activities).

There are and cloaky-scanny-hacky ships (Cov-Ops/asteros for e.g.) work to run them (for the non-WH data/relic sites).

There are ore anoms and regular WH anoms as well as the gas sites (need to be scannned down) that all spawn in Thera.

Awww c’mon now, scanning in Thera is fine, the eve-scout guys do it all the time! I can’t really advise ratting in system, though people do it. Having said that, as mentioned earlier there are lots of systems you can access to rat in (empty low/null systems) by only going 1 or 2 jumps out of Thera.

Also Volta are not the only group living in Thera, so my suggestion would be to spend some time in system, setup appropriate BMs, and keep an eye on station/entrance activity during your timezone to see if it’s the sort of environment you could survive or thrive in.

Oh on this point, I think the best advice I can give is to not use a WH that is in close proximity to Jita when bringing stuff in, those WHs tend to attract a lot of attention. :slight_smile:



I was scanning a wormhole connection one time in Thera and the locals all started teasing me because I wasn’t using Sisters Core Scanner Probes like all the cool kids.

It is a very active system. The station camps are often pretty weak. I think there is a rule against bubbling the stations.

Yeah, you can’t place anchored bubbles within x meters of the stations (I don’t know what x is), but it is still possible to drop HIC/dictor bubbles, so caution is advised when warping to stations.


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