Thera For Shorcuts

Why is Thera so bad for using it as a shortcut? I thought the obvious answer would be “bubbles” and I expected that trying to take a BC through there because I was too impatient would result in some quick killmails. Out of the last 22 times I tried, this did not happen (fingers crossed) but only 7 times did I make it and the rest of the time the WH was gone despite only being 3 to 6 hours after my scanning them down. One time I literally left Thera only to see a bunch of ships on the other side. Before I could decide what to do, the entire fleet jammed itself into the hole and it collapsed. I was on the right side and could go to where I wanted. So it seems lots of people are jamming mass into these holes. While J-space inhabitants might intentionally roll off these connections, I don’t understand why I giant fleet would be in Tama just waiting to go into Thera and given how often the k-space connections die off, it seems people keep shoving mass into these connections.

What are you talking about, Thera is a great shortcut to space explosions.


Can’t argue with that, but usually I’m looking to try to get to a specific k-space stystem

Just plant a seed and scan out the WH chain to K space and then log it back off in the desto system.

Thera is bad for shortcuts because 8/10 times it has no suitable hole near where you need it. It’s infuriating.

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When I plan my route, I set the map to show me the number of ships destroyed in the last hour. Also, I am in the NY time zone (EST) here. If you want to avoid the crowds play this game at “low tide”. Check on Steam Charts to see if there is a visible cycle, a time when the fewest players are online. Your launcher will also show number of players in the lower right hand corner.

Many times, I have docked my freight for more than a day waiting for a system to clear. I board my corvette and jump to the suspect system. When clear I hurry back and get the freight through.

Some handy tricks to use; the omega players are all fond of the fact they can use MWD while cloaked. But what about us alphas? Place a MWD (micro warp drive) any size on your hauler. After pressing “Jump through gate” tap your MWD on and back off. Most big haulers have an align time greater than 10 seconds. This action will reduce the time to 10 seconds. The MWD has a 10 second clock and when it expires you will jump into warp. Ten seconds is still a lot of time to be standing there with your pants down grabbing your ankles. I also put Medium Shield Extenders on the haulers and anything the grid can handle to beef up the ship as it jumps to warp.

If I missed any alpha tricks, it is because I don’t know that one.

I am not very familiar with Thera for a shortcut, my bane for a long time, was Ahbazon in Genesis. If they are busy there, I divert through Vecamia, or wait it out in Lor for one of the two to clear out.

You are just impatient. Comes time, comes hole. Also Pochven, or as mentioned, back tracking like we all did before Thera.

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better tool for measuring player activity I think Steam would only measure Steam users.

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Yeah I wouldn’t expect Thera to be good for shortcuts, it’s connections are tracked so you will get way more traffic than normal holes which are mostly dead.

I’ve just come back after three years and my alt is still sitting in my old corp station in J-space despite it being a small easily evicted corp. That is how dead J-space is. It is simply too much of a hassle for most people to scan down wormholes constantly to do anything so there really aren’t a lot of people living in them.

Thera is great for travel… if you’re looking at a HS entrance near to a trade hub though its likely going to be camped

living in WHs for years, I never used Thera for any “shortcut”.

To bring stuff in or out, just wait for a good chain that ends close to a TradeHub. There will be one every few says. Or roll your Static until you have one if you need it ASAP.

To bring char out, switch to an empty clone and PodExpress yourself.

Thanks for the tool link @Ragnar_Danskjold and yes while Steam only tracks Steam users, it can be used as a review meter akin to the Nielsen ratings were for television. Looking at the link you posted, I see Tuesday through Thursday ebbs in the morning after 1:30 AM to server reset. The polar opposite seems to peak between 3 PM to 7 PM here (EST) on the East Coast US.

You could still run into people even at “low tide” just less likely to end up in the middle of a warzone.

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