Stargates for Wormholes: A One-Way Trip to Thera

Wormholers want future feature love too, however allowing two-way gate transfer in anoikis, particularly between different hole classes might be a bit too much for force projection of krab farms. Instead, allow wormholers to build gates (variations/properties only available in J space) that shoot them one-way into a random pocket in Thera.

For the fun of it, there would be no inbound ship restriction via these gates. If you want to bring a capital in without the ability to take it back out with hole mass restrictions, you should feel welcome to do so. Make it a fine addition to the Thunderdome.

Genuine question. Would capital proliferation break Thera?

It’s been a while since I’ve lived there, but IMO, Yes.

Relevant: CCP Fozzies Presentation at Eve Down Under '18:

Go to ~05:24:29 and 05:30:57

Slides as pictures:

Is it the purity of sub-capital combat or would things like station camps be unmanageable?

I think it would be too easy for major power blocs to control the system via hole / station camps with a small number of pilots. Right now, if you want to control the system you would have to have an absolutely inordinate amount of pilots online to defend against even a small fleet. With capitals in play, you don’t need the raw numbers to hold out for long enough for people to jump clone and jump into a capital.

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Fair points. If player built wormhole gates only let sub-caps into Thera (one-way, albeit no limit to ship quantity as long as the gate stands) would you be fine with that proposal?

This is simply altering a barrier of entry into Thera (construction/maintenance of destructible player structure). Players would still need to track down an exit hole in Thera if they want to leave with their ship.

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