It's time to make a map of ALL known wormholes


I think this is long overdue.

Shouldn’t we finally make a website showing all entrances and exits to wormholes, which can be updated regularly by players every hour during the day, as a constant and free resource map for wormhole travellers?

Appreciate all your feedback.

Like so? Along these lines?


Hi Runa,


If just anyone can update, like with a Wiki, how will the accuracy of the information be guaranteed?

There’ll be a lot of people who at different times, will not want the information on the access points into their hole known just to everyone, so it’s likely that information will be deliberately falsified if just anyone has editing rights.

But otherwise sure, you doing this?


There are sites like Tripwire that let you map wormholes. But like @Scipio_Artelius says, a lot of people wouldn’t want to share their connections publicly. People live in wormholes, and probably wouldn’t want to make it too easy for people to get there. Explorers probably wouldn’t be too keen on giving this info away either, because it would at best increase their competition for sites, and at worst make it easy for hunters to catch up with them.

I mean, a public map where people were constantly updating the connections they find would also double as a hunter’s map to where potential targets are at this very moment.


I’m gonna have to say no. Hard no. I dont want a whole group of people to be able to find my home system and easily get in, so they can burn it to the ground.


Well that is an antisocial kinda attitude, isn’t this game all about “interaction” and things going boom, you should welcome the PvP cause I’m sure you get lonely in your dungeon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That sort of attitude doesnt quite work when watching a 50 man machariel fleet with 15 guardians bashing your home.

Even the Thera mapping is often out of date and that is just one system where a whole corp is dedicating their time to keep it updated.

Wormholes are far too volatile for this to work. This suggestion makes me think you have absolutely no clue about wormholes.


It wont work.

There are people with active interests to provide misinformation and false connections that dont exist. You will have a flood of fake entrances and exits. No one would trust the website. And it will shut down.


I’m just kidding, I get it, believe me I wish I could find a quite WH so I could PVE till my hearts content, it’s too bad CCP doesn’t make NPC’s indistinguishable from players so that people will believe they are PVP gods.

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Try a c3 with a low sec static. Usually pretty quiet in there.

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In wormhole space, intel is power and an information imbalance can be a huge tactical advantage. Let me give a hypothetical situation to illustrate:

In a part of WH space there are two large pvp groups A and B, and a small group C. Group B lives 5 jumps down the chain from A, and group C lives 3 more jumps down the chain from B.

  • Group A has scanned their chain 6 holes deep, so they know about group B but not about group C.
  • Group B has scanned their chain 3 holes deep, so they know about group C but not about group A.
  • Group C has scanned their chain 1 hole deep, so they are absolutely clueless.

Group B is harassing group C, they have split their fleet in 3 parts. One third is in group C’s home being generally annoying. They are shooting miners, haulers, perhaps poking a citadel. Their objective is to provoke C into doing something foolish such as undocking a defensive cap, at which point the rest of the fleet warps in for the juicy big kill. Another third of the fleet is cloaked one jump out, to prevent C from rolling and to provide quick response when fun stuff happens. The last third is staying back in B’s home, waiting on the wormhole leading to C ready as a slower response.

Now group A has found one third of group B’s fleet, they check the numbers and think they outnumber B by two to one, so they engage. They might kill a few ships, but then B’ main force returns (lucky C!) and the battle turns in B’s favour. At some point A decides the battle is lost and tries to extract and retreat. They burn out of bubbles and warp to the first wormhole of 5 leading home,

Now B does not know where A came from, so they cannot predict which direction they will go, but they can see the direction in which group A is warping and give chase. They chase A for the next three jumps, perhaps killing some stragglers, but eventually A warps in an unknown direction, jumps and warps again, getting home safe.

The point of this story is that all these fights happened due to imperfect information. If group C had known group B was connected to them they would have rolled away and avoided any trouble. If group A had known group C was also in chain, they would have scouted further ahead and seen B’s entire fleet, deciding this was too big to take on. If group B had known where group A was in chain, they could have sent sabres ahead cutting off A’s retreat and routing them.

TL-DR: Sharing this information would kill a lot of content in wormhole space. WH groups will not share what they know as this would give away their tactical advantage.


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