Stay together to show Players the Joy of Wormholes


I was thinking about the problem with new players for womholes.
My idea was to create a channel for wormhole interested players to answer their questions and to organize fleets, starting in highsec to explore some wormholes.
Those fleets could be switching between PvP-Fleets, PvE-Fleets and Tutorial-Fleets, where you explain how to behave in wormhole space. Problem about this could be spies, or players going with the fleet, to kill it in the first PvE-Site, but that’s womhole.

With something like that, we could make wormholes more interesting for new players and show them, what a wormhole is like, perhaps even make them stay in wormholes and settle down, nobody knows :slight_smile:

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Not a bad idea and is be willing to help with. Contact me in game later.

I just created a ingame chat wich is called “WH for Everyone”, feel free to join me (us)

Our alliance, Wormlife, runs a public wormhole freeport network, along with a Discord server ( ) that is serving as well to help new players get sorted in wormhole space and get questions answered.

Would it be ok for you if I link your discord channel in the ingame channel?

Definitely a great idea! I’m willing to help you out with it, something I have talked about in my last topic. Making Wormholes more engaging for new players is important, and this is a step in the right direction!

Thanks alot, I am happy about every helping hand :slight_smile:

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