Critical Effects Public Wormhole PVE fleet for New Players or Players new to WH PVE! Updated 6/9/2022

Updated 6/9/2022 for a 6/12/2022 fleet
Critical Effect, A long-standing wormhole corporation (not a major power just been around a while) is hosting a weekly PVE fleet for new players!

Experience is not required, we expect those who attend to be very much new to the game or wormhole space, the fleet will be treated as a class, Ships will be provided and all loot will be given to the NewBros that attend. We aim to provide a positive experience in wormhole space for anyone willing and open to learning a few things!

Due to the Nature of WH space, a bare minimum ship is required. We have designed this ship to be new player friendly, only having T1 Modules and we made a skill plan to go along with it, it’s a mere 12 Day train so you can get into WH space faster than you think!

Critical Effect will provide a Lead Ratter to guide the fleet and teach the ratting basics along with a supporting logi fleet so you don’t die! Security will be handled by Critical Effect but by the nature of wormholes, we do warn: WH Space is DANGEROUS, you CAN DIE!

We ask for nothing, all we hope for is to help mold and guide the next generation of EVE players toward the playstyle we love so much: J Space!

Get in touch:
To access all our support documents such as videos, fits, skill plans, and more! Visit our in-game chat channel at “Critical Public PVE”. Where you can get in touch with us to get yourself in the fleet!
And/Or Stop by our Discord

The next fleet is going to be EVE June 12, 2022, 06:30

the in game chat channel MOTD!

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