[EU] CRITICAL PUBLIC WORMHOLE PVE is going EU ! New to EVE or New to Wormholes? Sunday 16:00 EVE

You may have seen some of our old flyers, 1 2 3 to name a few, well its back, Critical Effect’s Public Wormhole PVE fleet. Meant for those new to EVE and new to wormholes! Thanks to Ashora for stepping up and wanting to get these going again.

Join us as we take you into a C3 wormhole for a bit of fleet ratting. Us vets put this on to show people what wormholes have to offer, Help newbros/K-spacers get money, and provide a bit of a different ratting experience for those that have never taken the dive into the deep!

Fleet Time:
This coming fleet will be SUNDAY(November 6th) at 16:00 EVE

FREE NEWBRO GIVEAWAYS : We will give away 1x newbro meta praxis.

Requirements to Come: A Beating heart and working potato.

Fleets run for 1 → 2 Hours. If you’re not on time for the undock, sorry but the wormhole gets rolled behind us as we enter so this will not be a way in for you, so be on time! We always undock at Jita and take the time we travel to the hole as a chance to go over talking points.

More info:
Our Discord , stop by and say hi
Our Auth, here you can link your discord and join the public ratting group, doing so will give you back channels
Our In game PVE channel is : Critical Public PVE
Our in-game public channel is : Theoretical Mass Public
Our In-game mailing list : Critical Public PVE , here you can find all the starter fits for newbros, if you need help getting here say something in one of the chat channels either on our discord or in-game

An old video a made about our public fleet:

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First Fleet Went really well

Bump! Next fleet this weekend ! 22:00 EVE this Sunday!

I like what you’re doing here. I’m interested in learning the WH. Will you be running this event again?

Hi , yes we are ! Actually running one in 19 Hours

Another Fleet tomorrow!

Fleet will be running this SUNDAY, October 16th!

Updated for this Sundays event!

^ Bump. Great experience! Joined one of the public wormhole fleets with Grendel a while back. It got me hooked on wormhole space and now I’m in a wormhole corp!

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Who did you end up with. I’m glad to hear that!

Haha we made it to mainstream! Community Beat for 2 November | EVE Online

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