In game ads


I was hoping to propose the ability to run in games ads for events. One of my corpmates has set up an event for public c3 wh fleets that i feel has become pretty popular. I attempted to ask a gm if we could run an ad in game for a future event and was told it wasnt possible but i should make a suggestion on the CSM forum.

This is the event i was trying to run an ad for as a show of thanks for the guy who started them up.

We’ve asked for this many times before - and not just for events, but for anything. Third party tools, websites, CSM elections, etc. Hopefully at some point we’ll be able ot get that.

sorry but i actually just came here because i want to petition or complain [ill let u tell me what category] i want to say that i pay my money to play a game and i dont want to see adds screwing up my immersion and break from reality to decompress. just got pinged for some “special offer to me” and it took me out of the game and to a store saying “buy me” …gtfo im not paying money to be subjected to what im trying get away from ffs.

but if u guys talking bout ads on those station teleprompters…yeah i dont care bout that

I would normally agree with these but these ad billboards already exist in game. And if you arent noticing them already then nothing would change about your immersion. I just thought it would be cool to have real time events updating on these already existing ad billboards.

Yes the teleprompters. -replying to edit

i came here because of the notification i got in game…i dunno if you got one or not today. 2 out of 3 accounts did for me when i just logged in

Yeah I just got one of those. Not at all what i had in mind.

Yes, this is what we’re talking about.

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