[EN] Public Wormhole PVE Fleet || Sunday 16:30 EVE || for New-Players/People new to Wormholes || Russian and English

Critical Effect, A long-standing wormhole corporation (not a major power just been around a while) is hosting a weekly PVE fleet for new players!

This coming fleet will be our 3rd Public Wormhole PVE fleet, BUT WITH A TWIST. It will be during the Russian prime time zone! All are welcomed! For those who do NOT Speak English we will have a Russian Translator and hopefully a Co-FC who speaks Russian. (This post will be translated into Russian )

With every event we learn and adjust; Our primary goal of getting more players in wormhole space has been a success. All this effort would have been worth it if only 2 people said they wanted to come back, but we have gotten far more than that so we can’t wait to see new faces and old at the next fleet.

So if you’re interested in wormhole life, from ratting to PVP come on over, join our fleet, get to know members of the wormhole community and make a little money while you’re doing it. Information on Fits, Skill Plans and coordinating with our management can all be found in the in-game chat channels, in-game mailing list and or our Discord. FYI If you’re brand new to the game , that’s fine! All we ask is you have completed your starter career missions before joining so you have a basic understanding of things.

Stop by the Discord

Next Fleet Info:
Sunday Feb 20, 2022 16:30 EVE UNDOCK from Jita
IF Enough US or EU guys want to come later, fleet may reset around 20:00 - 21:00 EVE for a Second Go, please indicate interest in our Discord .

Coming Fleets:
Sunday Feb 27, 2022 22:30 EVE UNDOCK from Jita

Mailing List: Critical Public PVE

Public Chat: Critical Public PVE

Past Event Post: 1



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