[EN] Public Wormhole PVE Fleet || Sunday 00:30 EVE || For New-Players/People new to wormholes Updated 6/9/2022

Updated 6/09/2022 for a 6/12/2022 fleet
Are you new to EVE? Are you new to wormholes? Well, then this is the fleet for you!

Critical Effect, A long-standing wormhole corporation (not a major power just been around a while) is hosting a weekly PVE fleet for new players! As far as we know it’s the only public fleet of its nature currently running.

What is this fleet?
This fleet is designed to take people into wormhole space and make them money. Our mission is to mold the next generation of EVE players into future wormholers(Our favorite playstyle). We ask for nothing in return other than your desire to learn something new. Already play EVE? That’s fine, no one is rejected from this fleet! we would love to have a chance to show you Wormhole space in the possibly you one day choose to move in!

Who Can join this fleet?
Everyone and anyone, new-bros or vets, wormholers or K-spacers. This fleet is new-bro oriented so if your a vet keep in mind the fleet runs slow giving newer players a chance to learn and have a good time.

How to Join this fleet:
Step 1: Join the in-game chat channel Critical Public PVE
this is a great place to chat with people that are online

Step 2: Join our Discord and sign up on our Auth
Our Auth will only ask for public scopes so worry not, within the Auth, go to groups and select to join the public PVE group once you have linked your discord under the services tab

The server will then give you roles to see all the public PVE channels on our discord

Step 3: getting a fit
There are 2 ways to access the fits we have made for you, one way is in our auth, once you have joined the public events group the fittings tab will open up and you can view them all there. The other way is to join the Critical Public PVE mailing list. We ask that you fly the best thing you can afford, for vets that’s going to be something like a zealot, for newbros that’s going to be something like the Vexor

IF YOU’RE REALLY REALLY NEW TO THE GAME: use this referral link to create an account and get 1M free skill points, you can use those skill points to fly an approved ship the same day if isk is an issue contact us we can help get you into a ship. We do ask that you at least complete the tutorial.

The next fleet is this coming Sunday: EVE 6/12/2022 00:30 EVE click the link to see your local time

The mailing list Critical Public PVE

All isk goes to pilots participating in the event, all people hosting/volunteering do not get payouts


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