Public Wormhole PVE Fleet for Newbros and people new to Wormholes. May 7th, 22:00 EVE

Hi, I’m Grendel, I used to host public wormhole PVE fleets, here are some old flyers flyer1 flyer2 flyer3; None the less I got a C5 version of my old public C3 fleets coming up May 7th.

The fleet is designed for anyone and everyone interested in wormhole space, whether you are brand new to the game and just barely made the account to a null sec veteran looking for new gameplay. What we do is take you out into J-space show you the basics of ratting and chit-chat everything wormholes. Traditionally we have taken people into C3s but I’m looking to take a group into a C5 this coming May 7th.

Please get in touch with me in-game or on Discord if you would like to come or have questions.

Here’s a snip from the ingame mailing list Critical Public PVE. There you can find all the basic fits and a bit more information.

If you intend to come please bring the Myrmidon or other battle cruiser, C5 sites hit hard, and keeping the vexors that were designed for c3s is hard, doable but hard. If you’re not a newbro you can bring a leshak, they rock.

For People Absolutely new to the game: YES YOU CAN COME! There is a minimum ship requirement but it takes about a week to train and if you have the free 1 Million Skill points you can inject it all within a day! Why do we make you fly at LEAST that ship… so you don’t die! besides that feel free to sit back share your screen and ask as many questions as you can come up with, whether it be setting up your screen or how do I approach the Anchor? For people this new to the game, YES, We will buy you a Newbro ship out of our own pocket, and YES you will be one of the people actually getting money from the loot gained from the site. All we hope and expect out of you is a positive can-do attitude and a desire to learn or absorb information. PLEASE TRY TO GET THE MYRMIDON, its so much more tanky than the vexor

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This sounds like fun. To bad that I am working. :confused:
Gl, hf!

Updated for May 7th Fleet.

Please try and bring a Myrmidon if you are a newbro, any armor ship really accepted. Vets can bring leshaks for a proper c5 experience, but know its risky and there’s no SRP

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