Public Wormhole PVE Fleet || Sunday 22:30 EVE || for New-Players/People new to Wormholes

Critical Effect, A long-standing wormhole corporation (not a major power just been around a while) is hosting a weekly PVE fleet for new players!

This will be our Second Public PVE fleet where we take people who are new to the game / new to wormhole space and guide them on a ratting journey. All are Welcomed, there is no reason why you cannot come. Experience is not required, we expect those who attend to be very much new to the game or wormhole space, the fleet will be treated as a class, Ships will be provided for those struggling for isk and all loot will be given to the NewBros/new to WHSpace that attend. We aim to provide a positive experience in wormhole space for anyone willing and open to learning a few things!

Our previous event was in a C2 Wormhole, a great starting point for people to make 40-60million isk an hour solo when ratting. This coming event will be hosted in a C3! From our last event, we have come to learn just how large of a spectrum of experience was willing to show up and dedicate their time to fly with us so we are hoping to offer more this coming round.

Mailing list: Critical Public PVE

For People Absolutely new to the game: YES YOU CAN COME! There is a minimum ship requirement but it takes about a week to train and if you have the free 1 Million Skill points you can inject it all within a day! Why do we make you fly at LEAST that ship… so you don’t die! besides that feel free to sit back share your screen and ask as many questions as you can come up with, whether it be setting up your screen or how do I approach the Anchor? For people this new to the game, YES, We will buy you a Newbro ship out of our own pocket, and YES you will be one of the people actually getting money from the loot gained from the site. All we hope and expect out of you is a positive can-do attitude and a desire to learn or absorb information

For people, not New but arent a Vet: Same thing as above, that being said we have some nicer fits that do more damage, and tank more and just are overall better. If you’ve been playing for a while but haven’t yet found out the trick to getting space rich feel free to reach out let us know and we can sort a ship out for you as well. We want to provide a positive experience in wormhole space and show you how to make some money while you’re at it. If you’re around this area of experience we will have you with the main ratting.

For Experienced players/Vets new to Wormhole Space: We have nicer fits that are going to clear the sites faster of course but we will also be offering guidance on soloing. If you want to go 0 → making 140 - 240 million isk an Hour solo without buying a billion+ isk Incursion Ratter this solo experience is for you. Just let us know that you want to solo we will help set you up and have you bring in your solo ratter. SOLO MEANS you don’t need a logi wing to keep you alive, we will have you come with the main fleet for a site or two, learn the spawns and how we kill things then share your screen and go enjoy your own site, Keep the BL you collect or cash it in with us, it’s up to you. If you don’t want to solo and just want to stay with the main fleet feel free; feel free to do so in a solo ship or in one of the line ships.

Volunteering: Many people saw this and wanted to help, We really appreciated it, was absolutely amazing. All Critical Effect members and those who want to volunteer do NOT make any isk from this event, all isk goes to people attending the fleet in a ratting aspect. If you want to volunteer feel free to let us know, we can get you in as Logi or add DPS so the sites run down faster. Your help is appreciated. If you’re considering this remember, this event is aimed at helping people learn to play the game for the first time or diversify their knowledge of the game

In-game chat channel: Critical Public PVE

Critical Effect will provide a Ratting FC to guide the fleet and teach the ratting basics along with a supporting logi fleet so you don’t die! Security will be handled by Critical Effect but by the nature of wormholes, we do warn: WH Space is DANGEROUS, you CAN DIE!

We ask for nothing, all we hope for is to help mold and guide the next generation of EVE players towards the playstyle we love so much: J Space!

Get in touch:
To access all our support documents such as videos, fits, skill plans, and more! Visit our in-game chat channel at “Critical Public PVE”. Where you can get in touch with us to get yourself in the fleet!
And/Or Stop by our Discord

Fleet will undock Jita 22:30 EVE Sunday
Last Fleet Was EU primary TZ, switching it up doing a more US TZ

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Wooooah boy I was a little tired when I posted this!

typo corrections:
*PVE not PVP !!! AUGH can’t believe I put that in the title
*Date fixed
*nakamura timer added
This is the correct timer

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Other Edits:
Nakamura time has been fixed, forgot is was military(24) hour when creating it

Update on Event:
Went super well. We cleared out 2 C3 wormholes, each participant walked away with 100M from blue loot plus 50M from the VIP Gala event site we ran.

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