New Forum Who Dis?

(NoobMan) #1

Pretty excited about these new forums. We should get some of our stickys going if people like @Messoroz and the Tripwire guy wanna make threads for mappers. any other stick ideas?

Maybe stuff like wikis and Wormhole resources?

Later in July I’ll schedule and post a Town Hall for the first Summit Prep.


(Daimian Mercer) #3

Made a new Tripwire thread in this subsection - Tripwire guy

(Peonza Chan) #4

We should probably stick info like rikky’s pve guide (still updated?), some blogs, statistics pages, r/PraiseBob

tons of other resources, just naming the ones I checked recently

edit: + wh.pasta

(Este DeStirr) #5

Stickies for the Ellatha pages:

Also as mentioned elsewhere,

(Claevyan) #6

The Uni Wiki on wormholes appears to be the most up to date on Combat sites, Data and Relic sites, and the over all information people need on a daily basis for wormhole life. Might be worth putting a link to it here for new bros and corporations thinking about venturing into wormhole space.

(Winthorp) #7

Has anyone told Jack these forums are here?

(Daimian Mercer) #8

@NoobMan So any word on if the sticky-ness of certain threads is going to happen?

(ISD Fractal) #9

Poke me and I can give you guys a hand, just let me know which threads :slight_smile:

(Daimian Mercer) #10

I see no “poke” in these new forums beyond this… :poke: sticky please (currently sticky on regular forums -

(ISD Fractal) #11


(Daimian Mercer) #12

Interesting that the stickies now don’t stay. As soon as you look at the thread it auto unsticks itself even if you manually stick it yourself.

(Lulu Lunette) #13

This makes me super happy to read that Uniwiki is up to date. Think anyone from the wormhole community would be interested in helping edit the wiki? There’s a big to-do list on the main Uniwiki page if you wanna see what’s needed :pen: :slight_smile:


(Lulu Lunette) #14

Or Andrew Jester. Always appreciated his insights :smile:

(Claevyan) #15

@NoobMan Keep us posted on when you’re doing that townhall for J-Space and on any Focus groups that might come up for wormholers. Would love to contribute and I know i’m not alone there.

(Alundil) #16

@NoobMan These will take some getting used to. Not a fan of the layout at the moment, tbh.

(Jack Miton) #17

No one tells me nothing…

(Jack Miton) #18

This new forum is HOT GARBAGE…
Really hope they make the layout have some kind of sense to it.

(Duo Roman) #19

I got used to it faster than I got used to the old forums. The option to post images and pool questions are a big advantage in my opinion.