Are these forums still the place for discussions?

I mean, o7
I’ve been away for 2 years, then I come back to the forums and there’s this general silence, specially in the W-space forums… is this still the place for public discussions concerning wormholers?

Is it reddit?

Or, is it almost exclusively in-game chats?

Thanks for the answer(s)!!!

I guess it ‘should’ be here, but the new forums are not that intuitive to use. Some people prefer reddit as then they can throw stones at CCP and each other more freely…

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Limitless pages on that forum instead of numbered pages in old good forum made deep discussion about any topic very uncomfortable. So it is not only WH, basically any theme in that forum has a very short discussion. And if you see, that your post is going to disappear somewhere in the middle of milion miles long list, you do not say anything, cause it is not worth it. So discussions are short or , in most cases, ther is no discussion at all. Sometimes exceptions happen, but basicaly forum activity is less than a half of what was in old forums.

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Thanks a lot for the answers…
Well that’s just sad. Is there a WH subforum in reddit then?

if you want more activity, create a thread with a topic worth discussing.


Oh thanks, parasol. I’d argue that the LACK of threads (worth discussing or otherwise) is what made me ask, but anyway

There are consumers and there are creators. We can argue if this thread is being made by someone who creates, or someone who rather consumes. Fact is: the more threads you create, the more activity there will be.

Try a thread about afk cloaking in wormhole space… :blush:


Hmmm do you remember that sticky back in the day, “list of active WH Corps and Alliances”?

What about that one: “List of WH Blogs”

I really miss them

Why don’t you remake these threads, then? There’s your chance of infusing more Life around here! :slight_smile:

r/Eve is not that much different from here. Giant negativity echo chamber just different people and more of them reading over there.

I made a Twitter for my character and it was probably the best out-of-game Eve thing I ever did.

Could just try making a thread :relieved: What did you wanna discuss? :relaxed:

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Anything really, I’m craving for discussions with fellow capsuleers… if it’s WH related, even better

For example… where has Keith Planck been? Does he still make dank ratting vids that everybody likes to trash talk about?

Where’s Bronya, Jack Miton, where are the Dusette sisters, what happened to Chesterfield Fancypants in the end?

Is the Nomx3 guy from reddit the same Nomex that used to hang around in old forums?

Is C5 space still viable for small-ish corps?

What happened to the guy from the localectomy blog, with his witty forum posts?

Stuff like that, but any stuff really.

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Now go forth and multiply threads, instead of telling us what threads you could make! :smiley:

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The WH sub on the old Eve Forums had gone pretty quietm but all discussion on these new forums seem to be down. The Reddit WH sub is also very quiet so I don’t think that’s a better alternative.

But start some threads and see if you can get something going.

where are the Dusette sisters

Forgive my necromancy, but I can assist you with your query, good sir.

My sisters and I are living a life of semi-retirement, some in highsex space, a couple in C5 space, but most in a little backwater C2. Barely awake, but checking in from time to time. As for our puppeteer behind the keyboard, well they had some big real world issues crop up around two years ago which saw them leave the game for the most part, the dissolution of Iso5 shortly after was the last nail in their motivational-coffin.

Since then they’ve been loitering around other places - a little DayZ, some SWTOR, Arma3 here n’ there, you know how it is, sir. Even some Kerbal (it’s kinda addictive).

But we still keep in touch with old EVE friends on Facebook, and after chatting with the lovely, sexy and always effervescent Foedus Latro just last night in fact, we decided to come visit today.

Where’s Bronya

No idea, sir. Last I heard (going back over a year) he left w-space to fly in lowsex for a while, and others have since told me that he’s playing WoW again now.

Jack Miton

As you may have heard in the media, same-sex marriage is now legal in Australia. This might give you some clue as to why Jack Miton hasn’t had the time to play EVE anymore.

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