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Polite bump

Hey there, that’s odd, it’s still working for me - we’re looking into it now.

Update: The servers have just been kicked, should be back online now.

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Thank you, up and running again :smiley:

p.s. awaiting your piloting class on combat probing, dscanning etc with anticipation - oooh, the pressure :innocent:

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May roll that into a “hunting” class - would make a good next one :slight_smile:

Been caught up on trying to make wormholes an interesting class but there was just so much info and I am afraid it would be dry. For streams I really need some things that hook even the veterans which they might find interesting.

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Wormholes … so many aspects to cover there, it’s almost a different game due to its environment. No doubt it could be interesting if somehow it could be honed down and perhaps following a scenario (roll a hole, run a site, hunt cloaked, traveling via Thera, hotdropping in null, lol). Dunno, and I’m out of my depth here anyway. People like Ashy who runs her superb ashy in space blog could provide far better insights.

All for the “hunting class” !!! :+1:

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